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Fake Punt When Leading By 30? Pete Carroll Apologizes For Running Up Score

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No one expected the Seattle Seahawks to stop trying during their blowout win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday but was it really necessary to run a fake punt when leading by 30 points? Head coach Pete Carroll apologized for the trick play and said that he should have called it off.

According to Carroll, he didn’t exactly call for the fake punt. The play was called on the field after the Seahawks recognized a vulnerable formation. Carroll said it was an “automatic play” but noted that he should have stepped in to call it off.

Carroll said:

“I feel bad about this. We looked for it every time we were going to punt, and it was just there. I should have stopped it in the sense that it looked bad. It was an automatic for us and I didn’t do it … It just happened – we’re trying to make first downs and (I) let it go … It’s unfortunate that it comes across like we’re doing something wrong there. That’s my fault, totally, for not stopping it from happening.”

The Seahawks were facing a fourth and four when they ran their fake punt. Running back Michael Robinson took the snap and was able to run for 29 yards. The Seahawks would then go on to add a field goal on their way to a 50-17 victory.

The recent criticism comes just a week after the Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals 58-0. Carroll pulled some of his starters during that game but still threw the ball down field.

After the Cardinals game, Carroll said:

“Any of the throws we threw in the fourth quarter, Matt just needed to throw the ball around some. We did a little bit of everything. Quick game. A couple naked [bootlegs] to just get him out of the pocket, just to give him a chance to get some time. Hopefully, everyone understands that.”

Do you think that running a fake punt when your leading by 30 is bad sportsmanship? Do you think Pete Carroll was right to apologize?

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39 Responses to “Fake Punt When Leading By 30? Pete Carroll Apologizes For Running Up Score”

  1. Matt Bassette

    Good grief, TWICE in this article you call it a "fake point?" I get typos and slip-ups, but you have to really mean to screw that up if you do it twice in two paragraphs. Edit your stuff with a little journalistic integrity.

  2. Hudson Hall

    Its a game, your paid to win. I don't think coach should apologize. Other team should work on getting better.

  3. Joshua Osborne

    this is the pross, not a pee-wee leauge game where we are worried about the losers feelings.

  4. Anonymous

    he should have put in his second and third string players to get more play time and experience like what base ball and basket ball teams do all the time. Then he wouldn't be in that position to apologize for anything.

  5. Rick Gershman

    In professional football, there's no such thing as running up the score. The game is four quarters, and if I can't stop you from scoring points, that's all on me. Throw for three more TDs against my team in the fourth quarter, you won't hear me whining about it.

  6. Wesley Fortson

    You play to win the game! You better keep playing, if you "shut it down" you might get beat. I'd rather the headline be that I ran up the score than I let a team that I was beating by 30 point's come back and win.

  7. Carlos Contreras

    The Patriots do it all the time. It is bad sportsmanship. I understand it's the pros BUT what are they showing our kids that watch the game? Lead by example.

  8. Gary O Carter

    I'm sure none of the Bills cried after the game, not Seahawks fan but you gotta admit they puttin' up big numbers!

  9. Nathan Francis

    I think Pete Carroll forgot he was in the NFL now and was trying to move up in the BCS. As a Bills fan though the fake punt was about the 10th most embarrassing thing about this game.

  10. Jordan Mosby

    there was no reason to apologize. They faked a punt. they had nothing to loose and wanted to try out their special teams in a real game situation.

  11. Austin Hildebrand

    If you don't want the opposing team running up the score, stop them.

  12. Anonymous

    anyone that has played football competitively knows that you risk injury if you slow down or start to play at a different speed. I'ts like asking a boxer not to punch as hard. You go full speed and you play your game until the opponent stops you. End of story. This is pro football where athletes are paid silly amounts of money – they can buy something to relieve the pain from having their asses kicked!

  13. Matthew Laird

    good job picking out bad grammar. Just remember though that when your good at something theirs a 1000 people better and when your better then them theirs one left whose better then you!

  14. Daniel Morales

    I'm a Bills fan. They deserved that fake punt. They "Punted" by showing the formation they had. They assumed the Seahawks would just punt it back to them.

  15. Robert E Marek

    he seen an oppertunity to do something that is not an all the time thing, go for it you practice it now try it in the game. some times it works and others it don't. if it would of fail what would you be saying now, why didn't he kick the ball. people, its a game. its not where you win or loose but how you played it, good call coach.

  16. Anonymous

    This will come back to bite him in the ass. I'm surprised a Bills player didn't pull out a gun and put a couple of rounds into his head! After all, they ARE NFL players!

  17. Anonymous

    Anyone remember when the AZ cardinals were winning against the Bears by 31 at the end of the third and the bears came back and won on defense! That's why! The Bears later went on to go to the super bowl that year. About 6 years ago or something like that.

  18. Anonymous

    Yeah everybody's so macho. Wait until it happens to your team. No bitching allowed then d-bags. Carroll's an a-hole as always.

  19. Nick Longshore

    It's the coach's job to manage the game and the player's job to execute their role 100% every play. Pete was probably just enjoying the lead and the player did what they were coached to do. I'm sure the Bills staff was understanding of the situation once it was explained.

  20. Neil Underwood

    Running the score up? Guess it may be an issue if we were talking PEEWEE football? Everyone needs to get over this BS…there is so much more to worry about in life! The coach is a WIMP, by the way, for apologizing…GROW A COUPLE AND SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!

  21. Christopher Dupris

    Its the NFL and he shouldnt apologize for shit. The opponet needs to apologize for being an embarresment.

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