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Jimmy Clausen T-Shirt Introduces ‘Catholics Vs. Cousins’ Rivalry

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Former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen drew a line in the sand today when he posted a picture of his new t-shirt. You can either root for the Catholics during the BCS Championship game, or you can root for the Cousins.

Clausen, who currently stands on the sidelines with the Carolina Panthers, stirred up a little controversy today when he posted a picture of his new t-shirt on Twitter. The shirt depicts the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as good ol’ catholic boys and the Alabama Crimson Tide as a bunch of inbred cousins.

Clausen was ripped apart on Twitter for being “insensitive” and for insulting the Alabama team and its fans.

The current Panther posted an apology on Twitter, saying:

“The shirt was sent to me! I was saying THANK YOU #calmdownpeople. I’m sorry if I offended anyone by posting that shirt, I didn’t mean anything by it at all…Looking forward to a great game in Miami!”

The shirt has apparently been available for purchase for the last couple weeks. Yahoo Sports reports that the t-shirt is a play off another offensive Notre Dame rivalry, “Catholics vs. Convicts,” which has been used to describe the rivalry between Nortre Dame and Miami.

catholics vs cousins

Do you think the shirt is offensive?

The BCS National Championship Game between Notre Dame and Alabama is scheduled for Monday, January 7 in Miami.

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7 Responses to “Jimmy Clausen T-Shirt Introduces ‘Catholics Vs. Cousins’ Rivalry”

  1. Eric Coulberson

    Nothing wrong with it at all….people need to lighten up! The Cousins are going to kick their a@@es!

  2. Jared Shipley

    I wonder why the cartoon character behind "COUSINS" isn't Black? After all, isn't Alabama's roster overwhelmingly Black? But I guess that was too risky…because instead of being condemned for mere "insensitivity", it would have been called "racism". See, it's not as big of a deal to poke fun at "White trash" Southerners. Could you imagine the firestorm if the cartoon character was Black instead of White?

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