Kyrie Irving threads the needle with a pass.

NBA Trade Rumors: Detroit Pistons Set To Make An Offer For Kyrie Irving

The number of known teams to make an offer for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving may have increased to seven. The Detroit Pistons are reportedly interested in trading for Kyrie Irving.

For a team to attempt to trade for Kyrie Irving, they would have to give the Cavaliers a legitimate starter, a good player on his rookie deal, and a draft pick. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that is the Cavaliers’ asking price in a trade scenario for Kyrie Irving.

That asking price must also be considered as a firm stance the Cavaliers will have with any NBA team they have trade negotiations with. The Detroit Pistons have what the Cavaliers require for a Kyrie Irving trade to take place.

Keith Langlois of the official Pistons website is reporting that the Detroit Pistons have had internal discussions regarding a trade for Kyrie Irving. Armed with center Andre Drummond, small forward Stanley Johnson, and other trade chips, the Pistons could meet the Cavaliers’ price.

A Detroit Pistons trade proposal including Andre Drummond would be a strong one due to Drummond’s skill set. He is a shot-blocking big man who can run the floor and rebound the basketball at will. Drummond is a more athletic version of the Cavaliers’ Tristan Thompson.

The possibility of receiving Andre Drummond back from the Pistons in a trade for Kyrie Irving would force the Cavaliers to find a home for Tristan Thompson. There is another legitimate starter on the Pistons who could entice the Cavaliers to part with Irving.

Pistons guard Reggie Jackson could be a player the Cavaliers may ask for in return if negotiations begin on a Kyrie Irving trade. Reggie Jackson is a good player as a shoot-first point guard.

There has been some past criticism from the Detroit Pistons regarding Jackson’s shot selection and decision-making. The 6-foot-3 Jackson has admitted to hearing the gripes (courtesy of the Detroit Free Press) about his play. There have been several signs of Jackson needing an escape from the Detroit Pistons. He could be the player they dangle in a Kyrie Irving trade.

A return of Reggie Jackson and Stanley Johnson is a good return for Kyrie Irving, but it may take someone out of the Cavaliers’ front office to sign off on a trade.

Kyrie Irving defends Reggie Jackson.
The Cleveland Cavaliers could ask the Detroit Pistons for Reggie Jackson in return in a Kyrie Irving trade. [Image by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]

Cavaliers superstar LeBron James may have a say in which trade package the team would choose if they decide to deal Kyrie Irving. Thus far there is little traction regarding an Irving trade, but James may have already put together his wishlist in a subtle way.

LeBron James has reportedly been working out with new Cavaliers teammate Derrick Rose and Eric Bledsoe of the Phoenix Suns, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. James may have a preference for playing with Bledsoe over anyone the Cavaliers could add in a Kyrie Irving trade. LeBron James already has an idea of what it would be like to play with Eric Bledsoe. The Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns are still in talks of a Kyrie Irving trade.

According to the Arizona Republic, a deal has been discussed where Kyrie Irving would go to the Suns for Eric Bledsoe and Dragan Bender.

For now that deal has not been agreed upon. Until a deal is consummated, the door is open for the Detroit Pistons to place their offer. The Pistons’ best chance at acquiring Kyrie Irving is to include either Andre Drummond or Reggie Jackson in a proposal.

Another player who the Detroit Pistons offer the Cleveland Cavaliers in a trade for Kyrie Irving is Avery Bradley. In order for that to take place, a trade would not be able to happen for a few months, but Bradley also fits the description of the Cavaliers.

[Featured Image by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]