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Kindle Fire HD: Good Reviews But Apple iPad Mini Winning

Kindle Fire HD: Good Reviews But Apple iPad Mini Winning

The Kindle Fire HD tablet sold by Amazon launched to rave reviews and has brought many new customers to the online retail giant. The Kindle Fire HD uses a heavily modified version of the Android operating system that focuses on Amazon’s products and multimedia. Amazon has a lot of catching up to do since the iOS-based iPad Mini still has Apple set to maintain control over the tablet market, with iPad Mini sales outpacing the Kindle Fire HD by 50 percent.

According to iTechPost the Kindle Fire was given the “HD” label because of the new and improved high resolution display:

“The Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch features a 1920 x 1200 HD display and provides ‘zero glare for online and offline video playback.’ Customers are not only excited about feature, but also because of the various storage spaces not available for downloading songs and videos. They can get either 16GB or 32GB of storage drive.”

Reviews also highlight the 40 percent faster Wi-Fi local internet connection and the amazing sound quality of the speakers. Some customers consider the faster Wi-Fi a big selling point since it provides “faster download speeds for movies and music from Amazon.” Better “internet browsing has helped boost the popularity in the Kindle Fire HD series tablet.”

According to ZDNet, developer are focused on releasing mobile and tablet apps for the iOS and Android. This is a challenge for the Kindle Fire and Microsoft’s Surface:

“Specifically, researchers found that less than 22 percent of mobile developers are ‘very interested’ in building mobile apps for the Amazon Kindle, indicating that ‘the Kindle’s install base and revenue potential are too small to entice developers to build for the platform.'”

Although the Kindle Fire HD is based upon Android technology apparently developers have to port their app code and release it through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program. Developers receive 70 percent of all sales and there is a $99 signup fee, which is very similar to Apple’s developer program for their Apple Store. Kindle HD users currently do not have access to Google’s massive Android app market, especially Google maps, although it’s possible Amazon could change this strategy in the future.

Do you think the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is worth buying over the Apple iPad Mini?

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13 Responses to “Kindle Fire HD: Good Reviews But Apple iPad Mini Winning”

  1. Steffen Jobbs

    Yeah, but Jeff Bezos is telling investors that Amazon is selling huge number of Kindles. Nearly twice as many as this time last year. And that number is… anyone's guess. Fortunately, investors and Wall Street believe this man could never tell a lie and continue to push Amazon's share price ever higher. Jeff Bezos inherited Steve Jobs' Reality Distortion Field and it's paying off. Apple is getting creamed by what is basically an upstart hardware vendor who can manage to sell their tablets at a loss.

  2. EBooks

    This should be fun to see who has the most Sales come the end of the Holidays…Like the Nintendo VS. Playstation VS. Genesis Days

  3. Anonymous

    I’m not surprised about the Kindle because it seems like everyone I know has an iPad, including myself. I have the regular sized iPad though and I would love to have the Mini because I could carry it in my pocket. That way I would take it with me more often since it isn’t so difficult to keep track of. My DISH coworker got one and we both watch TV at work on our iPads, on our breaks, using our DISH Remote Access app and Sling Adapters at home. Having the ability to watch TV wherever I go is nice because I like TV a lot and now I don’t get behind on my shows. Also, I can catch live sports when I’m out of the house, which I am quite a lot.

  4. Abe Linkedin

    ARE you an idiot? Of course, the have the best price. Ok, so you are trying to piggyback on readers to get a referral credit. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  5. Anonymous

    I picked up a Kindle Fire HD and I'm really loving it. It was easy to understand and I love the interface. Here's the one I have on Amazon If you're looking for a tablet you should check it out, I think it's very underrated.

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