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WWE Wrestling Rumor Roundup: ‘SummerSlam’ 2017 Plans For Cena And Styles Shock Fans

The WWE network likes to keep wrestling fans guessing when it comes to its major PPV events, and this week’s events in the squared-circle have surprised and shocked many fans. The week’s biggest shock came, when AJ Styles won the United States Championship from Kevin Owens. Styles winning a WWE championship is hardly a shock. Since he arrived on WWE SmackDown, many have regarded Styles as the WWE’s best wrestler, and fans have been surprised that Styles has been out of the title picture since losing to John Cena at the 2017 Royal Rumble.

As reported by The Heavy, the shock came in the way that Styles won the United States Championship. Styles beat Kevin Owens to claim the title, in a “house show” at Madison Square Garden. Styles’ title win came in a show that was not televised, and just three days after he won a SmackDown “battle royal” to establish himself as the No. 1 contender.

The weeks second big shock came on Tuesdays SmackDown Live, when Styles joined up with John Cena to form a tag-team partnership. As reported on the WWE website, Styles and Cena teamed up to beat Kevin Owens and Rusev in SmackDown’s main event. Given the intense rivalry, between Styles and Cena, during 2016, no one would have expected them to work together as a team.

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What Are The WWE’s Plans For AJ Styles And John Cena At ‘SummerSlam’ 2017?

WWE fans are aware that John Cena has been absent from SmackDown for most of this year. After beating Styles at the Royal Rumble, Cena has appeared at a couple of PPV events, including a low-profile tag match at WrestleMania 33. When Cena announced that he would return to SmackDown on July 4, many expected that the date was no coincidence. It had been rumored that Cena would return to challenge WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, in a match that Bleacher Report labels “a patriot powerhouse against a foreign baddie.”

Mahal faces a challenge from Randy Orton, in a “Punjabi Prison” match at WWE Battleground 2017 on July 23. Rumors suggest that Cena will win that match, and go on to face Mahal at SummerSlam. Should Cena emerge victorious from that match, he will pass Ric Flair’s record of 16 championship wins.

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The picture for AJ Styles, at SummerSlam 2017, is less clear. Rumors have suggested that Styles will face Shinsuke Nakamura at SummerSlam, but according to Wrestling Rumors, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer has poured cold water on that claim. Owens vs. Styles is still being advertised for Battleground 2017, so it is possible that the two will face each other again at SummerSlam.

Of course, Styles confused the picture on this week’s SmackDown, when he issued an “Open Challenge,” to all-comers. Essentially, this means that anyone on the blue team could get a shot at Styles’ title.

Whatever the final card for SummerSlam looks like, the WWE have sprung some huge surprises this week. We can expect more shocks before SummerSlam.

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