New England Patriots Put In a Bid For WrestleMania

New England Patriots Place Bid To Host ‘WrestleMania’ At Gillette Stadium, Boston Red Sox Bid For ‘SummerSlam’

Each year, one major city is given the honor to host WrestleMania for WWE. The event used to be for just a single night, but it’s grown into a full week extravaganza. WWE personnel and others join together to make the week as big as it can possibly be for the city and for the WWE Universe. The event is highlighted by the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, a NXT Takeover special, the grandest stage of them all, and one edition of Raw and SmackDown Live. Over recent years, WWE officials have favored certain locations over others.

WWE has declined offers to bring WrestleMania to certain cities for a number of reasons. For instance, one city may offer more money than another or the size of the stadium becomes a factor. Most recently, the New England Patriots just put in a huge offer to bring the grandest stage of them all to Gillette Stadium. The city of Boston hasn’t hosted the event since 1998. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it will happen again soon.

On paper, WrestleMania coming to New England would be a tremendous idea. NXT Takeover: Boston and the Hall of Fame ceremony could take place at the TD Garden with WrestleMania set at Gillette Stadium in front of over 70,000 people. However, WWE officials declined their offer and a reason hasn’t been revealed. The most likely reason is another city may have simply made bigger money offer to host the event.

Wrestlemania 34 Will Be Held in New Orleans Next Year
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Shortly after WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, it was rumored that Minneapolis, Miami, Philadelphia, Toronto, and others have all submitted bids to host the grandest stage of them all over the next few years. There is a bit of speculation about London hosting WrestleMania, but that would come with issues. WWE officials are not interested in Boston hosting the event, but the city could still host some other WWE events very soon.

NXT Takeover Could Come to Boston at Fenway Park Soon
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Despite the fact that WWE officials turned down the Patriots for WrestleMania, the Boston Red Sox have an offer of their own to host WWE SummerSlam if the company decides to venture out of Brooklyn after a four-year run. It’s unlikely that offer will be accepted to hold the biggest party of the summer at Fenway Park, but there is some speculation that WWE officials are open to NXT Takeover: Boston happening in the stadium.

Obviously, the city of Boston recognizes that WWE hasn’t hosted a major PPV in the city for quite some time and the powers that be are looking to remedy that fact. WWE fans in Boston would be absolutely thrilled to have a NXT Takeover special in Fenway Park. It may be considered a consolation prize since Boston failed to secure SummerSlam and WrestleMania for future events, but it could also be the start of a long process for the city of Boston to start being considered more seriously for bigger WWE events in the years to come.

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