Sami Zayn Discusses Highs and Lows of WWE Career

WWE News: Sami Zayn Is WWE’s Hardest-Working Wrestler In 2017, According To Mid-Year Stats

Sami Zayn hasn’t reached the heights on Raw or SmackDown Live that he did during his run in NXT, but it isn’t due to a lack of trying on his behalf. He’s done a great job as a babyface on WWE programming since he was brought to the main roster last year. “The Underdog From the Underground” has earned favor with the WWE Universe. He’s consistently had good matches on television and has had more matches than anyone.

It is being reported that Sami Zayn has participated in the most matches of any other WWE Superstar thus far in 2017. As of this writing, he’s had 83 matches and 26 televised matches over the first six months of the year. Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, and several other WWE Superstars have all put in a lot of great work this year, but Sami Zayn is the hardest-working wrestler under the WWE umbrella right now.

As far as Zayn’s record is concerned, it’s unclear exactly how many matches he has won and lost. However, a few other notes have made it clear that he’s somewhere in the middle. Curt Hawkins has lost all 63 of his matches this year while someone like Shinsuke Nakamura is 63 and three thus far this year.

Sami Zayn Has Done Extremely Well On the Main Roster
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Sports fans like to refer to stats when they make the argument that one player is better than another player, but wrestling doesn’t exactly have that benefit. However, wrestling fans can see that one performer is having good matches on a really regular basis and if a wrestler’s record shows that he’s the biggest workhorse in the company. Based on the last six months of statistics, Sami Zayn is the hardest-working performer in WWE.

Sami Zayn Risks it All to Hit Samoa Joe
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Recently, Sami Zayn shared some disappointments he had regarding his position with the company. He has shown great patience to endure the highs and lows that come with reaching the top of the WWE ladder. The WWE Universe still sees Sami Zayn as a likable babyface who could become a top performer if he was given a bigger push. At Sami’s work rate during WWE live events and televised matches, it’s only a matter of time.

Sami Zayn has the potential to become WWE’s ultimate underdog. That was a big reason for his momentum in NXT, but his connection with the fans continues to grow organically. It creates a much stronger bond, so he will have the WWE Universe behind him fully whenever he breaks through the glass ceiling. On paper, he will get a chance. In another six months, Zayn could be at the top of the card as WrestleMania approaches.

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