Asuka Has Surpassed Trish Stratus

Asuka Has Now Surpassed A Historic WWE Record Set By Trish Stratus

Since Asuka’s debut in NXT, no other woman has been as dominant in WWE. The Empress of Tomorrow is still the NXT Women’s Champion and has been holding the title since NXT Takeover: Dallas. Over the past two years, she has become the longest reigning champion in NXT history and even surpassed Bill Goldberg’s WCW undefeated streak of 173 wins without a loss. Despite all her success, she continues to break records.

Today, a previous WWE record set by Trish Stratus has been broken by Asuka. Trish held the Women’s Title for 448 days, which was the third longest women’s title reign in WWE history. However, the record now will be Asuka’s to carry, and there is a lot of speculation that her reign will continue until she also breaks Rockin’ Robin’s 502-day record for the second longest Women’s Title reign in WWE history.

It’s highly unlikely that Asuka will be able to break The Fabulous Moolah’s title reign of 10,170 days. At this point, she doesn’t need to break any more records since she has surpassed Trish Stratus. Asuka’s run as the NXT Women’s Champion has become one of the most impressive title reigns in WWE and wrestling history.

Asuka vs Trish Stratus Almost Happened This year At NXT Takeover Toronto
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Heading into NXT Takeover: Toronto last year, there was a rumor that Trish Stratus would have challenged Asuka for her championship during the event. Trish is from Toronto, so the original plan was for her to face The Empress of Tomorrow, but she was replaced by Mickie James. It’s highly unlikely that an opportunity will arise again for Asuka and Trish Stratus to have a match together, but it would have been something very special for the WWE Universe to see. On paper, Asuka has done something not even Trish Stratus could do.

Asuka Has the Third Longest Womens Title Reign in WWE History
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Sooner or later, Asuka’s undefeated streak and NXT Women’s Title reign will reach its final day. The WWE Universe is expecting that day to come very soon. There is a lot of speculation regarding Asuka’s move to the main roster happening after WWE Summerslam. The Empress of Tomorrow may be moved to SmackDown Live or Raw, but the big question for the WWE Universe is regarding who will defeat her and take her title.

Most NXT fans are looking towards Ember Moon to be the woman who is finally able to defeat Asuka. There will be a lot of new talent coming into the company after the “Mae Young Classic,” so the winner may be the challenger that can finally end Asuka’s reign as well. For the time being, the WWE Universe will continue to speculate on her future while she continues to surpass the past.

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