Major Update On Triple Hs Return to WWE Programming

Triple H’s Return Plans Are Being Kept ‘Top Secret’ By WWE Officials

After losing the WWE Title to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32, HHH made one appearance on Raw all year and was one of the most talked about WWE Superstars. The speculation about why HHH betrayed Seth Rollins kept the WWE Universe guessing through the WWE Royal Rumble and led to a great match on the grandest stage of them all in Orlando. However, The Game has been seen since WrestleMania all over again.

Eventually, one of these matches will be the last for Triple H. His return to WWE television has been getting a lot of attention on the rumor mill, but nothing big has been revealed because WWE officials are apparently keeping his return plans “top secret” for the time being. Speculation regarding Stephanie McMahon’s return to WWE programming is also a hot topic, especially with Kurt Angle’s “text message” storyline in full swing.

There is a lot of speculation heading into WWE SummerSlam that The Game will be Angle’s first opponent back inside a WWE ring. Most fans believed that the powers that be would save the match for WrestleMania next year in New Orleans, but with them trying to make SummerSlam‘ as big as possible, it could be moved.

Triple H Hasnt Been Seen Since Wrestlemania 33
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Last year was easy for the WWE Universe. Seth Rollins vs. Triple H was going to happen. The big question at the time was whether it would happen not if. This year, the WWE Universe is expecting Angle vs. HHH, but that match may not happen because WWE officials have been monitoring the former’s health. If anything is wrong with Angle’s body, it’s unlikely he will be cleared to return, which means the rivalry would be kaput.

Since WWE officials are keeping any plans for The Game’s return under wraps, he could begin a rivalry with anyone on the Raw roster if the potential feud with Angle doesn’t happen. The truth is HHH doesn’t need to wrestle another match if the storyline isn’t organic because he sees these as bonus matches. During a recent interview with Sky Sports, he had the following to say about performing on the grandest stage of them all.

“This is me with the suit off in a little bit of a different environment, with my wife standing behind me. That’s the thing for me now, at this point in my career, that moment to stand in that ring again with my wife standing behind me in front of a record-breaking crowd in Orlando at WrestleMania was – they’re all career highlights, they’re bonuses for me and they’re a lot of fun.”

WWE Officials Are Planning a Huge Love Triangle Between Kurt Angle Stephanie McMahon and Triple H
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The latest on a match with Kurt Angle is it would involve some kind of a romantic angle between Stephanie McMahon and Angle. There is no doubt the angle could work, but if WWE officials are looking to push their match for WWE SummerSlam, they’ll need to start the storyline soon rather than later. The WWE Universe will continue to wait with bated breath until Triple H returns to WWE television. Hopefully, for us, it’s only a matter of time.

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