Big Things Are Coming For Shelton Benjamin On SmackDown Live

Shelton Benjamin’s WWE Return Is Back On, Expected To Return Extremely Soon

Shortly after the WWE Draft last year, Shelton Benjamin was announced for a return to SmackDown Live in a vignette, which means there was almost nothing stopping him. However, he was not medically cleared for his return because of a torn rotator cuff. The deal was taken away. The WWE Universe was disappointed to see Benjamin fade back into the shadows because there is still great potential for him to succeed in WWE.

Roughly a year later, Benjamin has recovered from shoulder surgery, and he has been ready to wrestle since March. Many WWE fans were hopeful he would renegotiate his contract with the company, but months have passed without much news regarding Shelton’s future in WWE or the wrestling industry in general. Thankfully, the WWE Universe has their answer, and there is finally a significant update about Benjamin’s return to WWE.

It’s being reported that Shelton Benjamin has begun talking with WWE officials about a return again. Now that he is healthy and enough time has passed, the general feeling between the two parties seems to be that he’s ready to return to the company. Last time, the only thing that got in the way was his shoulder issue, so the process should be faster this time around to get Shelton back on television before WWE Summerslam.

Shelton Benjamin Headed to SmackDown LiveShelton Benjamin Headed to SmackDown Live
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The WWE Universe will be thrilled to have “The Gold Standard” back on WWE programming because his skills in the ring are exceptional. More than that, Shelton Benjamin is a performer who has the potential to be put into almost any spot and make it better. He’s been a great tag team specialist and is an accomplished singles wrestler. On paper, WWE officials could put Shelton Benjamin anywhere on the card they want.

Shelton Benjaimin Doesnt Have An Injury to BLock His Return This Time
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The expectation is he will be returning to SmackDown Live as advertised last July. With the talent pool on “the blue brand,” there are several opportunities for him to seize on Tuesdays nights. The WWE Universe is already thinking about potential matches with AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and many others. On paper, Shelton Benjamin would most likely be a babyface for the brand, but he could also work as a strong heel.

Ultimately, his role on SmackDown Live will be determined by WWE officials to start. He may be utilized as a veteran to help establish younger talent or Benjamin could receive a much bigger push if his performance is strong and the WWE Universe gets behind him. During his first run, Shelton Benjamin was on the cusp of being a big deal in WWE. Shelton Benjamin will make the most out of a second chance at superstardom.

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