wwe rumors smackdown live returns daniel bryan rusev american alpha

WWE Rumors: Three Big Returns And A Huge Announcement Taking Place Tonight On ‘SmackDown Live’

This week’s Monday Night Raw was certainly packed, and Team Blue isn’t going to be upstaged, as rumor has it that three huge returns will take place tonight on SmackDown Live. One of those returns is already confirmed, as General Manager Daniel Bryan is officially going to be back this evening, but the other two are meant to be surprises. If you’ve been hoping to see both American Alpha and Rusev make their ways back into the ring, you’ll want to tune in.

It really was quite a busy night on Raw, as Roman Reigns made a huge SummerSlam announcement, a new stable was formed, and a mystery was solved along with a big heel turn. SmackDown Live isn’t looking to be outdone, and it is being said that Daniel Bryan will have a huge SummerSlam announcement of his own to deliver.

As of Tuesday morning, it is not really known what his reveal will be, but Sportskeeda is saying that it will be pretty big to compete with Roman Reigns’ announcement on Raw. Aside from that, Bryan is set to address the controversy surrounding the women’s Ladder Match at Money in the Bank this past Sunday.

Aside from that, two other big returns are rumored to take place this evening and add even more to tonight’s SmackDown Live.

Cageside Seats is reporting that Rusev is not only cleared to get back in the ring, but he is also going to show up tonight as well. The big man has not been seen on WWE television since having surgery back in March, and he hasn’t shown up on SmackDown since moving there in April’s Superstar Shake-Up.

wwe rumors smackdown live returns daniel bryan rusev american alpha
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There was an angle taking place on Twitter where Rusev kept claiming to show up and confront Shane McMahon if he didn’t get a WWE Championship shot. Since then, that whole thing has been dropped and it isn’t known what he will be doing upon his return.

One other big return rumors for this evening is American Alpha who was supposed to make their comeback on last week’s SmackDown Live, according to Sportskeeda. The former tag champs have not been seen in quite some time and their absence has never really been explained.

wwe rumors smackdown live returns daniel bryan rusev american alpha
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Rumor has it that not only will American Alpha return tonight, but they’re coming back with a big angle of some kind as well.

With ratings falling to a new low for 2017 last week, the returns of Daniel Bryan, Rusev, and American Alpha are just what SmackDown Live needs. They need a fresh and new look to things with some interesting new programs/feuds to get the fans excited again. It will be interesting to see what Bryan’s SummerSlam announcement is and how he handles the Money in the Bank debacle, but Team Blue should put on a great show tonight.

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