Did The Undertaker's Wife Show The WWE Fans What His Future Looks Like In New Picture?

Did The Undertaker’s Wife Offer A Hint To His Future Plans In A Picture?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and the latest photo of the Undertaker this week is speaking volumes to those who are analyzing it down to the last grain of sand. The Undertaker retired after Wrestlemania 33, which was seemingly confirmed by Vince McMahon when he used social media to say goodbye to the ever so popular wrestling icon.

McMahon posted a picture of what the Undertaker left in the ring and that was the traditional gear he wears, topped off with his hat. That neat little pile caught in a photo seemed to say it all — he was done. That match showed how the 52-year-old wrestler was waning after all his years in the ring, which was directly following Roman Reigns defeating the struggling Taker. Even before this event, it was getting to be more of a challenge for the Undertaker to keep up the pace with the younger generation that’s moved into the ring.

Oddly enough it was that picture that McMahon had posted which seemed to confirm that the Undertaker had left the ring for the last time. McMahon left it short and sweet when it came to the caption, he wrote just a simple, “Thank You, Taker.” You can see that post with the picture below.

According to Cageside Seats, a “recent rumor has it that WWE wants us to think that the Dead Man might be coming back for SummerSlam in a couple of months.” Keeping with the trend of letting a picture do the talking, it could be that a picture posted on social media today is offering up the Undertaker’s answer to all the buzz about him returning. The WWE has honed in on the art of suggestion, offering up teasers of what may or may not come to be. Has the Undertaker picked up their strategy?

This picture below was posted by the Undertaker’s wife Michelle and it shows the iconic wrestler at the beach with his daughter on Father’s Day. Is this picture the answer to all the rumors about the Undertaker possibly coming back for SummerSlam? The Undertaker looks like he is the furthest that you can get from the ring in this photo and it looks as if he has traded the sweaty WWE wrestling ring for the cool ocean breezes.

Happy Father's Day to these two studs! #loveandprotect ????

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Cageside Seats offered up the suggestion that this picture might be a message. It is in an article that is titled, “Let’s overanalyze this picture of Undertaker at the beach at Father’s Day.” They also suggest how the “company” would like to create an impression that there’s a chance the Undertaker might come back for another swipe at Reigns at SummerSlam.

The rumor circulating about the Undertakers’ possible return isn’t confirmed and even the person sharing the rumor has said it was not confirmed. This is why Cageside Seats suggested that this might just be a ploy to create some interest in the WWE events. They also suggest that this comes at a time when the WWE needs to spark some interest in RAW and SummerSlam.

Looking back at Wrestlemania 33, it wasn’t just Vince McMahon who posted his goodbye to the Undertaker in a picture, Triple H did too. He is the executive vice president of talent, live events and creative for the WWE. So two head honchos at the WWE had posted a goodbye for the Undertaker on social media back in April after he left his gear in the ring. But this is the WWE where nothing is written in stone. Triple H’s post is seen below.

Again another picture saying goodbye and thank you, leading fans to believe that it is over for the wrestler in the ring ant that he really is retiring. The Bleacher Report from back in April said “the Deadman likely walked away for good Sunday night,” which was the night of Wrestlemania 33.

Cage Side Seats suggested how the latest picture of the Undertaker on Father’s Day, “seems like a dad who’s enjoying retirement.” In keeping with this tradition of saying everything with pictures, could Michelle, the Undertaker’s wife, be posting the answer to all the speculation that her husband is heading back into the ring? Is this picture a window into the Undertaker’s future?

While this is the WWE and anything can happen, some might say that this picture is a wife’s way of saying, the man has retired.

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