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John Gruden To Raiders Rumors Swirling As Former Coach Meets With Team

John Gruden To Raiders Rumors Swirling As Former Coach Meets With Team

John Gruden and the Raiders could soon be reunited.

The former coach who led the Oakland Raiders to a 38-26 record may soon be making a return, as Gruden is reportedly in talks with team officials. As The Sports Xchange noted, the news comes a day after the Raiders coach, Dennis Allen, left the team to attend his father’s funeral.

The Raiders had reportedly become frustrated with Allen and the direction he has led the team. In November, team own Mark Davis expressed frustration with the season, which has seen the Raiders drop five games in a row to fall to 3-9.

The John Gruden Raiders rumors have surfaced amid reports that Allen’s job is in jeopardy after just one season. Gruden is remembered fondly by Raiders fans for his successful tenure between 1998 and 2001. He left the team in the 2002 season, guiding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory over the Raiders.

Since 2009, Gruden has been working for ESPN as a color analyst for Monday Night Football and other various football specials. He has been rumored to be in the running for a number of jobs along the way, including the University of Tennessee, which he publicly turned down last week.

The odds of John Gruden returning to the Raiders would still be long, ESPN blogger Bill Williamson notes.

Williamson wrote:

“But I think, many, many things would have to happen before something so dramatic would occur. Gruden has said he is committed to ESPN’s Monday Night Football. This is not the first report about Gruden’s future and it very likely won’t be the last.”

The development may be unlikely, but at least it has a greater likelihood than many of the other jobs he has been rumored to be in line for. John Gruden and the Raiders have already had informal talks about the coaching position, reports say.

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17 Responses to “John Gruden To Raiders Rumors Swirling As Former Coach Meets With Team”

  1. Mike Douglas

    This would be OUR Peyton Manning. Our "Ace in the hole"… if you will. It's too early to turn our backs on Dennis Allen right now. And this is a "Win now" league. The talent is there (lacking Defense), but there needs to be glue… Gruden would be that glue. Please Gruden, come home, and finish what you started.

  2. Billy Joe Hobart

    C'mon Nathan, this story was dead by 11PM last night. Gruden's not coming back. And BTW, it's JON Gruden, not JOHN. Check that sports encyclopedia, man.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm an avid (was) Raider fan. I said during the 3rd exhibition game this season that coach Allen has to go. He's NOT a winner and not a motivator. Need I say more?

  4. Steve Bliss

    Actually he turned his back on them. They traded him because he had pretty much made it clear that he would pursue the Tampa position after Tony Dungy was fired. People always forget this side of the story. His familiy lived in Tampa. His brother was the coach for the AFL team in Tampa at the time. I don't understand why the Raiders would be interested in him.

  5. Ryan Spinharney

    How Crass! Allen is at his Fathers funeral and you talk to the obsessive face cruncher? Behind Allens back or not that is classless. Its not Allens fault the team sucks. They have'nt had a contending smart quarterback for years.

  6. Steve Hvite Krists Dod

    um your a fucking retard and you know nothing about football
    Gruden is the last coach the raiders had that had winning season they have had 7 coaches since then
    All Davis didnt want to pay him top dollar for him cause he was the hottest coach at the time
    players want to play for him.. your just jealous cause he has everything yo uwant in a coach he studied and learned from mike Holgram as well as an eagle you fat bastard

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