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Michael Vick Out: Eagles Quarterback Benched From Lineup

Michael Vick Out

Michael Vick is still out from the lineup and will be manning the bench, albeit metaphorically. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Eagles decided to take Michael Vick out of the lineup after sustaining a concussion during a game played almost a month ago. Vick’s doctor’s prescription includes staying in dark quiet areas and avoiding exercise or watching videos.

According to Yahoo Sports, Michael Vick failed a concussion test and has been unable to get out to practice. Philadelphia coach Andy Reid, however, denied reports of a setback in Michael Vick’s recovery.

“There’s nothing to that,” Reid said Friday. “I’ve talked with Michael and Michael is good. I don’t know where things get started but Michael is fine with it. He understands that everything is in the best interest of him right now and making sure that he’s ready to go.”

The November 11 game against the Dallas Cowboys that forced Michael Vick out has led to a poor season for the Philadelphia Eagles. Rookie quarterback Nick Foles took Michael Vick’s place, and so far they’ve lost their last seven games and are 3-8 on the season.

According to the Bleacher Report, the Eagles drafting Foles signaled the intention to eventually retire Michael Vick, but Vick’s concussion problem helped lead to this outcome sooner than expected. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie reportedly entered this NFL season with an ultimatum for coach Andy Reid, saying that another disappointing season would not be tolerated. So it’s possible Andy Reid might follow Michael Vick out.

With Michael Vick out of the game, what do you think the Philadelphia Eagles should do to get back to winning NFL Super Bowls?

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45 Responses to “Michael Vick Out: Eagles Quarterback Benched From Lineup”

  1. James King

    I watched a couple of games and its not Vick he is actually pretty good but no one can be great if they don't have an offensive line that is worth anything. His line sucks. P.S I am not a Vick Fan just an observer.

  2. Ryan Rex

    To get back to winning Superbowls? Philly hasn't won a championship since the year before Superbowl I. Without 3-4 hall of famers on the team, Eagles aren't winning anything besides the Toiletbowl.

  3. Denise Seth-Hunter

    How can you have a concussion when you don't have a brain?

  4. Denise Seth-Hunter

    How can you have a concussion when you don't have a brain?

  5. Anonymous

    not sure I really care..the butt wipe doesn't warrant my pity. Maybe he can clean dog kennels. Good luck Nick. Not that Philly has much of a chance anyway.

  6. Buzz Curtin

    The best thing that Atlanta did in all its history was send that idiot out of town.We all knew he would not last long.Search his family history.PATHETIC.

  7. Marsha Cowell

    It's amazing how all these comments have nothing to do with football, but an inccident that took place several years ago. All the comments about the injures to dogs, yet we as a society tolerate dove season, deer season, etc. All of these are animals too that are shot and killed each year for a sport. The guy made a mistake, went to jail for said mistake, and is still condemned by all. No one deserves to be ridiculed when injuries end a season. From where I'm looking, the team was better with him in the line-up. As previously stated, a quarterback can not when games when the line sucks. And that is the real story of the Eagles as I see it…

  8. Pamela DonttakenoCrap Buberle

    don't care he is a loser for what he did to those animals,but he's a so called football player that should never play again so what in the hell is wrong with this world,money talks bullshit walks,it sucks

  9. Brandon Bizzy Hollemon

    Vick is one of the greatest talents in the NFL and has been for years. He paid his dues made up for his mistakes and made it all the way back to a starting QB. REDEMPTION… racist people love to take shots at successful black men whenever they get a chance and this is no different.. You all see the games… the Offensive line is terrible Peyton Manning or Tom Brady would not be able to operate either with that line I don't care how good you are. Vick was on the ground after every play…and that also goes with the coaching staff.. Its obvious Andy is burnt out and doesn't have much fire left in him to lead and I don't blame him considering losing his son right before the season started. Vick needs to rest up and never play another down for the Eagles and that line and go somewhere he can get some proper protection to do what he does best.. make spectacular plays.. QUIT HATING!

  10. Nyssa Zyla

    No he has NOT paid his dues. Until he is treated the way he allowed those dogs to be treated is when his dues will be paid. Maybe he should have all of his teeth pulled like they did to Georgia so they could mate her without her biting. They should strap him on a machine and let one of the dogs bite his gonads off. Hating? Yes I hate Vick – he is a piece of low life TRASH.

  11. Dave Davidson

    Hey Nyssa Zyla, you shouldn't make such childish and hurtful statements. Jesus/Mohammed really don't like the attitude. J.C said to tell you you are going to a hot and miserable place and Moe says " No Honey for You!".

  12. Leslie Gray

    Which you would love to have.
    Yea, but Vick is rich-All the way to the bank.
    You are a nobody.
    All you have is a comic book life.
    That picture you posted tells it all.
    You live in a comic book world
    Get a life.

  13. Leslie Gray

    Nobodies and haters are at it again
    Get a life
    opps I forgot you don't have any life your life consist of hating and your comic book world.
    Drugs and hate ruin lives.
    You are an example.
    Get a life
    Get a life

  14. Leslie Gray

    RX for Eagles
    Vick is only a symptom and part of the problem.
    Get rid of Coach Andy.
    The Era of Donavan and Coach Andy is over.
    Build a solid O Line
    Build a better D
    Add some greyhound lanky receivers who can hold on to the ball.
    Take this RX early and often and you could start to build a team.

  15. Billie Jo Sellers-Maddox

    Am not a fan of football, just do not do sports. Nothing wrong with them. Am a fan of dogs. Anyone whom mistreats them, do Not deserve a chance. Sure he went to jail, so the f**k what. Do you think the dogs got off that easy? I do not hunt, so don't bring that one up. Payback is a b**ch.. He is a loser whom knew what was going on. Anyone that makes money off hurting dogs, are losers. Go to h**l Vick………..

  16. Adolf Rosenbloom

    Foles put up the most points of the Eagles season with that same offensive line. Didn't waste timeouts…had a good game. And they still threw 60% of the time so don't give me the "balanced attack" excuse. Vick sucks, it's hard to block for a guy who moves the pocket with his feet the instant he thinks even an ounce of pressure is coming.

  17. Adolf Rosenbloom

    To be fair most are shot and killed for food. Also if there were no hunters, you wouldn't like deer so much, especially if you live in the suburbs. Another difference for you, hunters do not go out of their way to intentionally torture the animals they hunt to death. To the contrary, hunters attempt to make the best shot possible to make the kill swift and as painless as possible. This is not always achieved, but make no mistake it is the goal. If it isn't the goal, that hunter is as disturbed as Michael Vick.

    You do realize he grabbed a dog by its hind legs, and beat it against a tree to kill it right? He smashed on on a concrete floor to kill it. He electrocuted one. He stomped one to death. Comparing this behavior to hunting is disgustingly ignorant, and you should be ashamed for defending this sick bastard.

    Bow Hunter's Prayer:

    Clean Kill or No Kill, Lord

    0 Lord, I am a hunter
    And life I seek to take
    But let me not attempt the shot
    Beyond my skill to make
    For Lord they are your creatures
    Given for our use
    But each one falls within your sight
    They're not for our abuse
    And when I loose my arrow
    Please guide it swift and true
    Or let it miss completely, Lord
    That pain be not undue
    A clean kill or no kill, Lord
    Such is my heart's desire
    Give me the skill to make it so
    Or let me hold my fire
    And when my time upon this earth
    The days they are fulfilled
    Grant that I may die at least
    As clean as those I killed

  18. Anonymous

    Adolf Rosenbloom – hey Adolf .. look at Foles passing numbers. Its the running back that helped them score the most points not that terrible QB they call Foles. MInd you he should have plenty more INTs if the DBs didnt drop them right in his hands. Bryce Brown is the only good thing that is workign for Philly right now

  19. Diane DePetrillo

    WOW, can't believe you can compare hunting an animal for food with torturing one to death for your own amusement and profit. Do you really know ANYTHING about what he did? And do you realize he would not even admit to guilt until he was "told on" by his associates. Or that instead of paying his fines, he went on a shopping spree for bling until they froze his assets? Or that the small time he was behind bars was NOTHING compared to the horrendous treatment he inflicted on dogs that were to sweet and gentle to fight to make this LOSER money. DO YOU HAVE A CLUE??!!!

  20. Diane DePetrillo

    OMG-You people are dillusional. Paid his dues my ass-he wouldn't even admit to guilt until he was ratted out. Wouldn't pay his fines until his assets were frozen (he was to busy buying up bling). Only became an "animal rights activist" because his manager said his career would be over if he didn't and he would lose his precious money. Hardly served any time for TORTURING ANIMALS TO DEATH. And it has nothing to do with race–if he were a brown haired white woman, I would still feel the same, so stop TRYING to play the race card. Really weak arguements. Yes, I am a hater…of evil.

  21. Marsha Cowell

    Your opinions are yours and mine are mine. And I know exactly what he did. And "killing for food" is not always the reason behind deer or dove hunting. To most, it is a type of sport. Killing innocent dogs was not the correct think to do and I never said I agreed with it. But what I do believe is that we are all humans and it is not our place to be judge and jury. He deserves to move past mistakes and try to live a better life. Actually, it is his right to do so…sorry if you don't agree. Again, my opinions are that…my opinions!!!

  22. Patricia Compton

    Does anyone here think that if things get so bad for Vick that maybe we will have another murder-suicide? I hope so the animals can then be off guard that this psychopath will never be around to hurt another animal and or ultimately a person. Please Vick get an injury soon that takes you to the hospital with the words DOA on the paramedic chart.

  23. Brandon Bizzy Hollemon

    You people lol… so ignorant… either way he has got his millions and will continue to make his money regardless of what anyone else thinks.. all i said was stop hating… but thats in You Peoples hearts to rape and steal and then criticize what you don't understand. Cant even realize who is the majority and who is the new minority… OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA

  24. Billie Jo Sellers-Maddox

    Why does religion always have to be brought into things???

  25. Billie Jo Sellers-Maddox

    Like your remark. lol He should have to clean kennels for the rest of his life.

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