Goldust turns on R-Truth WWE Raw

Goldust Explains ‘WWE Raw’ Heel Turn On R-Truth

On the recent episode of WWE Raw, The Golden Truth were preparing to compete against Anderson and Gallows. All of a sudden, after R-Truth’s typical “What’s Up!” spiel, Goldust brutally attacked him, turning heel in the process. After minutes of beating down R-Truth, Goldust grabbed a mic, stated “That’s what’s up,” and gave a vintage taunt before walking away. This turn was primarily sparked by Goldust believing that the team was dead weight and heading nowhere.

Statistically, Goldust was right. In fact, the last time the former duo won a tag team match as the Golden Truth on television was in October of 2016 as they defeated Primo & Epico. Although they had a very impressive live event record in 6- and 8-man tag team matches, they never managed to experience success as a tag team.

Recently, Goldust and R-Truth attempted to become the No. 1 contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championships by gently calling out the Hardy Boyz backstage during the Payback Kickoff Show. Matt and Jeff expressed that they would be happy to face the Golden Truth as all four competitors were involved in the Attitude Era.

The Golden Truth used this to approach Kurt Angle to solidify a title shot, but Angle stated that their win-loss record just was not good enough to lock in a tag team title shot. However, they would get an opportunity to become No. 1 contenders by way of a tag team turmoil match. The following Raw, Goldust and R-Truth would fall short of winning as they were defeated by the winners of the match, Sheamus and Cesaro.

Frustrated that the team was not ascending up the rankings, Goldust decided to take out his anger on his partner, thus dissolving the Golden Truth. To explain his reasoning behind the turn, Goldust went to Twitter and posted his thoughts.

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R-Truth posted a video of his rage stemming from the Goldust attack. He stated, “I’m just sitting here thinking. Goldie, bruh. You betta hope I don’t see yo a**.”

Goldust responded to the video.

“Why don’t you shut up for once and go bother somebody else. Should’ve never put my trust in someone like you.”

Goldust also shared the new name for his current era as a WWE performer, which is The Golden Age. He also stated, “Got #24K pictures to direct!! Leaving [R-Truth] in the “Dust”! You say what’s up….. I say bye Felicia!” The 48-year-old veteran does not seem to be slowing down after competing for the pro wrestling business for nearly 30 years.

While this feud will not do much for either as far as moving them up in rank, at least it could be a midcard feud on Raw for the next few weeks. Whether Goldust or R-Truth wins the projected match that they will have, neither will get closer to a single’s title match. Most likely, this feud will conclude at the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view on June 4 in Baltimore, MD. However, even at 48 and 45, respectively, the two will deliver a solid match that could surprise the expectation of many.

With the midcard division in need of more depth, the Goldust vs. R-Truth feud is purposed to add that element to the Raw brand. Regardless of the outcome of this feud, the former Golden Truth tag team has an opportunity to be featured on the show, which is something that rarely happened while they were a team.

Perhaps Goldust will come to his senses and realize the error of his ways. However, with the dawning of the “Golden Age,” it does not look like that will happen anytime soon. Especially with the remarks he directed at his former Golden Truth partner.

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