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Former Multi-Time Champion And ECW Star Arrested Monday Night, Issues Statement To Explain

A former ECW/WWE star was arrested over the weekend, and it appears as if there has been a bit of confusion as to what exactly took place. Al Snow is currently signed to TNA Impact Wrestling, and he’s in a bit of hot water after being arrested in Kentucky on Monday night. As usual, the internet may have blown things out of proportion. All the details of his arrest have been released, and Snow has decided to address the situation personally.

Wrestling Inc. reported that Al Snow was arrested in Winchester, Kentucky, on Monday night, and there wasn’t a lot known as of early this morning.

All that was known about Snow’s arrest is that he was charged with “failure to appear” and ended up being released on $234 bond.

Anytime a wrestler ends up in jail, it can lead to a lot of trouble and problems even outside of the legal system. Depending on what the arrest is for, it can cause problems with the promotion they are signed to and even lead to their release, but that is unlikely to happen with Al Snow.

Not long after the story hit the internet, Snow took to Twitter to try and clear up the entire situation and his name.

Al Snow was picked up, arrested, and had to pay a bond all due to a typo and his bench warrant being put in place after his car had some trouble.

Snow is 53-years-old and currently signed to TNA Impact Wrestling, where he works most as a manager and agent. However, he does wrestle occasionally as well. He had two runs in WWE when he was part of the New Rockers and a number of other gimmicks.

During his career, though, he is best known for his time in ECW, where he carried a mannequin head to the ring. That head was his friend, and he actually called it “Head,” which he talked to and often used as a weapon.

wwe news tna ecw al snow arrested
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Upon arriving back in WWE, he spent a lot of time going after the Hardcore Championship while also having partnerships with Mick Foley and Steven Blackman. He wrestled in WWE’s version of ECW and was also a trainer on Tough Enough before departing the company for good in 2008.

After a few years on the independent scene, Snow arrived in TNA Impact Wrestling and has been there ever since. This arrest likely won’t have any effect on his standing with the company since it ended up being a huge mistake.

For all time, fans are going to remember Al Snow as one of the toughest guys in all of wrestling and the man who brought a mannequin head to the ring. Still, he has been in the business for more than 35 years and he’s still going strong which will have his legacy spread through ECW, WWE, TNA, and numerous other promotions. This arrest is just a small hiccup that won’t amount to much and likely won’t be remembered by nex week.

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