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Pokemon Fan Runs Onto Field During Soccer Match [Video]

An adult Pokemon fan wearing a colorful sweater and a Pikachu backpack decided to boldly interrupt a recent soccer match, according to Yahoo! News.

The individual made his appearance during the second half of the Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund soccer match on Saturday. After running onto the field, he slid across the ground while giving everyone in attendance the thumbs up. It didn’t take very long for the man in the 90s-era pants to become an internet curiosity.

According to Kotaku, security immediately pounced on the Pokemon fan, effectively cutting his peculiar public display short. Photographs of the incident show the man giving players the peace sign before ultimately being dragged away by authorities.

Of course, photographs will only give you part of the story. Amateur video of the incident shows the Pokemon fan running onto the field with a security officer close behind. The man zigzags between players before dramatically sliding across the ground on his knees.

Although the man was clearly amused by his own oddball antics, nobody else seemed nearly as elated about having the match interrupted.

As of this writing, it’s unclear if any charges will be filed against the Pokemon fan for his unusual behavior during the Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund match.

Who is the man behind this strange incident? Various sources have pointed their fingers to comedian Kevin Kniel. His official Facebook page features a ton of images of his recent antics from a numbers of news outlets. The page also contains quite a few pictures of Kniel dressed up as the Pokemon-loving fanatic.

Kniel must be doing something right; the comedian have over 17,000 followers on Facebook. However, chances are he didn’t make many new friends after disrupting the aforementioned soccer match.

Video of the Pokemon fan’s soccer-related adventures has been embedded below.