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‘Raw’ Tag Team Breaks Up As One Member Shockingly Turns Heel, Going Back To ‘Attitude Era’ Personality?

The WWE main roster is full of superstars who are on different levels, and some of them won’t ever be in the spotlight. However, all it takes is one big move to get you there.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, one longtime superstar decided to take matters into his own hands and elevate himself up the ladder. Goldust has been stuck in mid-card limbo for way too long, and he decided to not only end his partnership with R-Truth but also bring forth a full-on heel turn.

Last night’s episode of Raw is one that focused on WWE building up Extreme Rules, which is set to take place in early June. While there were a number of matches officially announced for the next Team Red-exclusive pay-per-view, one major angle took place as well, and it was interesting.

As recapped by the official website of the WWE, Goldust and R-Truth headed out to the ring for a match against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. This is a match that stemmed from last week’s Tag Team Turmoil, which saw both lose to Sheamus and Cesaro, the eventual match winners.

The Golden Truth hit the ring first and started to hype up the crowd, but that is when it happened. Goldust turned heel and destroyed his longtime tag team partner.

wwe news goldust monday night raw heel turn tag team break up attitude era
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Goldust hit R-Truth in the back of the head, stared him down, and proceeded to slowly stalk him. R-Truth stared up at Goldust with a look of complete shock on his face, but it did him no good to request pity. The former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion decided to unload on Truth in a big way, and it actually brought cheers from the crowd.

The Golden Truth has been on a bit of a losing streak for quite a long time, and as a matter of fact, they’ve never actually had much success at all. It appears as if Goldust was finally fed up with losing, which is why he decided to break ties with his partner and turn heel in the process.

During the beatdown, the crowd sat mostly in stunned silence as it went on a lot longer than anyone thought it would. Goldust even threw R-Truth back into the ring and proceeded to do even more damage before grabbing a mic, walking over to his former fallen partner, and staring him right in the face.

Goldust leaned down with the mic in his hand and simply said, “That’s what’s up.”

This brought more cheers from the crowd as well as a Daniel Bryan “Yes” chant. Goldust dropped the mic and performed his signature breathing-in pose before leaving the ring as R-Truth laid there motionless.

wwe news goldust monday night raw heel turn tag team break up attitude era
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The heel turn of Goldust really shocked a lot of people as he hasn’t been a main player on the Raw roster in a long time. A couple of years ago, he was a WWE Tag Team Champion with his brother Cody Rhodes/Stardust, but ever since they split, Goldust has just kind of been there.

In fact, this is actually the first time he has been a heel in a very long time. Goldust was actually a true villain and fantastic heel when the character first debuted in 1995, and his mannerisms after beating down R-Truth made fans hope for much of the same.

There is no way of knowing where this angle will go or how much Goldust will be involved in storylines, but he’s the kind of heel that Monday Night Raw needs right now.

Goldust began his WWE journey back in 1990, and he as actually left the company and returned on five different occasions. He is a true veteran with deep family roots in the world of professional wrestling, and he deserves to go out with a bang. At 48 years of age, one has to think his retirement isn’t too far off, but as long as he’s still around, he will compete at a high level. This Attitude Era-style heel turn and beatdown of R-Truth could be just what he needs at this point in his career.

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