John Cena Watches 'The Final Deletion' And Has A 'Broken' and 'Brilliant' Reaction

John Cena Watches ‘The Final Deletion’ And Has A ‘Broken’ and ‘Brilliant’ Reaction

When Matt Hardy released his “masterpiece” in TNA Impact Wrestling called The Final Deletion, some fans wondered if there was ever a reaction from the WWE. It turns out that, not only did WWE superstars watch the match but many of them watched it together when they were wrestling in Japan.

Former WWE superstar Simon Gotch appeared on the Journey of a Frontman podcast and said that Chris Jericho had an advanced copy of The Final Deletion because Matt Hardy had appeared on the Talk is Jericho podcast and gave it to Jericho to watch.

Simon Gotch said that everyone was watching the Matt Hardy video and cracking up all the way through it. Gotch then said that John Cena walked in and asked what was going on and Simon explained The Final Deletion to Cena in the best way possible.

“I said, ‘Try and imagine the worst thing you’ve ever seen WWE do. Then imagine if somehow it was good.'”

John Cena seemed interested and said that he didn’t want to start watching The Final Deletion halfway through and that he wanted to see it from the start. John Cena asked for the wrestlers to let him know when they were finished so he could take it and watch it as well.

John Cena Watches 'The Final Deletion' And Has A 'Broken' and 'Brilliant' Reaction
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Simon Gotch said that the Matt Hardy The Final Deletion was easily the most insane thing they had ever watched and were “dying laughing” because it was so great. They then gave the video to John Cena to watch.

According to Gotch, when John Cena finished watching The Final Deletion, he returned the tape and said that Gotch was “absolutely right” in his description of the Matt Hardy video. It appeared that the WWE superstars who watched the entire Broken Matt Hardy gimmick, including John Cena, loved it.

Sadly, it is looking more and more like Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy won’t be able to bring the Broken Matt gimmick to the WWE. While there were earlier rumors that the WWE wanted to gain the rights to use the gimmick, Impact Wrestling and Anthem Sports chose to trademark specific phrases, making it sound like they are trying to ensure their ownership.

Meanwhile, Matt and Jeff Hardy are working as The Hardy Boyz, their former gimmick in the WWE, and are the current WWE world tag team champions. While Matt Hardy has pulled out some of the Broken Matt catchphrases, such as “Delete” and drops in hints here nad there, they are still just working as a nostalgia act for now.

John Cena Watches 'The Final Deletion' And Has A 'Broken' and 'Brilliant' Reaction
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Matt Hardy is continuing to speak out about Impact Wrestling and Anthem Sports. Cageside Seats reports that Matt Hardy still claims that he owned the rights to the Broken Matt gimmick and trademarked it first. When Anthem Sports claimed they trademarked it first, Matt Hardy said that they were lying and the proof was in the government documents.

Matt Hardy also said that Anthem Sports, Impact Wrestling, President Ed Nordholm, and booker Jeff Jarrett are denying wrestling fans from something that they want to see by holding on to the gimmick. However, Cageside Seats also reported that there is a chance the WWE could have a deal ready with Anthem Sports, and the trademarking could just be part of that deal.

It is interesting that John Cena seemed to love the Matt Hardy gimmick so much, but it isn’t surprising. John Cena was also a large part of the Southpaw Wrestling fake promotion and shot a lot of videos for the promotion with Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Chris Jericho, and more for the WWE YouTube channel.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are both wrestling on Monday Night Raw at this time. John Cena is a SmackDown Live talent, but he is currently on hiatus while shooting a movie.

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