Quarterback Russell Wilson on winning Super Bowl Ring in 2017/2018

Quarterback Russell Wilson Shares Thoughts On Upcoming Seattle Seahawks Season

Russell Wilson is back for another season with the Seattle Seahawks, and fans are excited with another strong season for the team. Last year, the team made it to the playoffs but were eliminated after falling short. While many fans had hoped that the team could get the Super Bowl, the team crumbled under pressure, and Wilson had too many sacks to make enough passable scoring plays. However, maybe Russell has examined what happened and learned from his mistakes, as he recently shared optimism about the upcoming season. And with a relatively new bride and a brand new baby girl, Russell may be more than ready to fight for the city of Seattle.

According to a new tweet, Russell Wilson recently opened up about his thoughts about this upcoming season now that the team is complete. The Seahawks have expressed satisfaction after the recent NFL draft, and Russell revealed that he’s excited about bringing home another Super Bowl ring. While some fans may question whether this is possible, Wilson appears to be confident in the fact that they can win another ring. Over the past five years alone, Seattle has been in the Super Bowl twice.

“Love this team. Love this city. Let’s go get another Ring. #GoHawks,” Russell Wilson revealed on Twitter, sharing that he’s ready to fight for another Super Bowl ring and he’s determined to go get it for the city of Seattle and the entire Seahawks nation.

“Our fearless leader!! Go Hawks!!” one fan wrote, while other fans chimed in with, “In Russ We Trust! #GoHawks” and “Thanks for being a good person! We don’t have enough of them! GO HAWKS!”

Based on the Twitter feedback, it sounds like Seahawks fans believe that Russell Wilson is the quarterback that will take the team to another win in Seattle. And based on the recent draft, coach Pete Carroll is very happy with the final result. Richard Sherman is also back for another season, even though rumors were flying that he was leaving the team for New England Patriots. However, Sherman is staying in Seattle with his Legion of Boom defensive, often called the best defense in the league. And fans can be happy about the upcoming season, as the roster appears to be strong and complete.

On the personal front, it sounds like things couldn’t be better for Russell Wilson. When Wilson joined the NFL as a rookie quarterback, he was married to another woman, but he got divorced shortly after joining the NFL. He later met and married singer Ciara, and the two recently welcomed a baby girl into their lives. Ciara already has one son, so Russell Wilson has a family of his own now. And maybe this is why he keeps tweeting about being a humble human being through bible verses.

“#BVD “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you,” 1 Peter 5:6 ESV,” Russell Wilson tweeted last week, sharing an inspirational bible verse with his fans and followers.

If the Seattle Seahawks fans could give Russell Wilson some advice before the upcoming season, it may just be to get enough sleep. With a newborn baby and a hectic travel schedule with the Seahawks, once the season starts, Wilson is going to need all of the rest he can get. And one can imagine Ciara will help him out as much as possible, as she teaches their daughter the spirit of the 12th man.

What do you think of the upcoming Seattle Seahawks season? Do you think Russell Wilson is the quarterback who will bring another Super Bowl ring back to Seattle?

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Vanity Fair]