Jinder Mahal Will Challenge Randy Orton For the WWE title

WWE News: Another Huge Reason Why WWE Officials Are Pushing Jinder Mahal Into WWE Title Match With Randy Orton

The WWE Universe was shocked to see Jinder Mahal become the No. 1 Contender for Randy Orton’s WWE Championship, but there are a few key reasons why WWE officials want Mahal to face The Viper for the title at WWE Backlash. Until recently, Mahal vs. Orton would have been a complete mismatch. However, Jinder has become a thorn in the WWE Champion’s side as they build their feud to WWE Backlash in a few weeks.

Originally, Rusev was supposed to receive a WWE Title shot against Randy Orton at the PPV, but his injury forced WWE officials to change their plans for WWE Backlash. Now, Rusev will receive his chance against Orton if he makes it to the WWE Money in the Bank PPV as the champion. In his absence, Jinder Mahal has been able to get his opportunity and even create his own stable on SmackDown with The Singh Brothers.

The expectation is that Orton will defeat Jinder Mahal at WWE Backlash, but Mahal will have elevated his position in WWE to a new level. He may not become the WWE Champion anytime soon, but he will get a big rub from Orton. However, WWE fans are still curious why WWE chose Mahal to receive such a huge push.

Jinder Mahal Will Face Randy Orton at WWE Backlash
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Shortly after Jinder Mahal became the No. 1 Contender, it was reported that he was getting a push because of WWE’s interest in expanding to India. The powers that be wanted to showcase Mahal and The Bollywood Boyz as top WWE Superstars to attract the audience along with everything else the WWE product offers. It’s understandable that WWE would push Mahal for that reason, but there is another big reason why as well.

It’s also being reported that WWE officials are very comfortable booking Jinder Mahal versus Randy Orton for the WWE Championship because WWE Backlash is not a major PPV. In fact, the powers that be see it as more of a “WWE Network special” as opposed to a “big” PPV event. They feel there is less pressure on their match because it’s only $9.99 for the event. Mahal wouldn’t have received the title shot if it was a $50 PPV.

WWE officials are willing to experiment with Mahal in the main event as an attempt to market to India and to give him an opportunity to become a bigger star for SmackDown Live and for the company. Apparently, he’s been nothing but enthusiastic backstage and has shown a lot of initiative to become a better performer.

Jinder Mahal Has Formed a New Stable With the Singh Brothers
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During a recent interview with USA Today, Triple H revealed his reasoning for elevating Jinder Mahal into a WWE Championship match with Randy Orton at WWE Backlash. In a nutshell, The Game has been really impressed with Mahal’s desire to learn and get better. He had the following to say about Mahal’s ambition.

“From the second [Jinder Mahal has] been back it’s been, ‘What else can I do to make this work? What else can I do to improve? What else can I do to get to the next level?’ It takes time. You bring people back, you let them get their feet wet a bit, you make sure they’ve matured in the way you want them to and move from there.”

The WWE Universe was surprised to see Jinder Mahal receive such a sizeable push. Not everyone has been receptive to his push for one reason or another. However, WWE officials give out opportunities to their stars and Mahal will have a chance at WWE Backlash to elevate his game. It’s highly unlikely he will defeat Randy Orton at the PPV, but he could put himself in a position where a WWE Title run may be possible someday.

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