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Man In Maine Reportedly Had Sex With His Dog Before Suffocating Animal To Death

A CBS News outlet in Maine was allowed to conduct a jailhouse interview with a man currently accused of having sex with his pet dog, before he brutally killed the animal.

Durham resident Thomas Wentworth, 55, was formally indicted on a handful of charges related to the alleged November 1, 2016, incident on Wednesday, according to WGME, including two counts of animal cruelty for the assault of the dog, which his now ex-girlfriend purportedly witnessed.

The man’s former partner, who was not named in court documents, relayed in a written statement what apparently occurred after Wentworth finished having rough sex with his dog.

“[After catching him], he told me that he put [the chemical compound] Ether in a trash bag,” she said, “put [the bag] over his dog’s head [until] she died, [and] then used the back hoe to get rid of her.”

Wentworth also allegedly threatened the woman with bodily harm if she repeated anything she saw to anyone else.

“He told me he [could] do the same to me,” the man’s former flame explained in her letter.

Speaking from behind bars following a grand jury hearing, Wentworth professed his innocence in the matter and declared that he loved his dog, described as a blind, 12-pound black lab, unconditionally, but not sexually.

“I absolutely did not have sex with that dog,” he remarked, prior to adding that his ex-girlfriend was lying about most of what took place.

“[I did use the Ether], but was only for mercy,” Wentworth went on to admit, “because the poor thing was in such pain and couldn’t lay down without howling.”

As for what ailed the dog other than vision problems, the accused didn’t say. Wentworth’s lawyer didn’t not respond to messages from WGME for further comments.

Incidentally, a man from the state of New Hampshire, which borders Maine, was recently denied parole after he too was convicted of having sex with dogs in 2014, and inquired about so again one year later with an undercover police officer.

Keene native Nicholas Coll, 28, was purportedly offered a plea deal during his sentencing in June of that year on animal cruelty charges, North Hampshire One explains, after he was charged with having sex with his dog, a German Shepherd named Miya.

“Coll also faced a conviction at the age of 18 for having sex with a 3-year-old golden retriever in 2007,” the outlet goes on to share.

As part of the deal, the accused was ordered to refrain from interacting with any animal in any given capacity for the next 10 years, and allowed to have his one-year jail sentenced shortened for time previously served.

Just one year later, in March of 2015, however, Coll was said to have been caught asking a male Facebook friend whether he would allow the accused to have sexual relations with their pet dog.

Unbeknownst to Coll, the canine owner on the other side of the screen was Detective Robert Collinsworth, a member of the Keene Police, who had been made aware of Coll’s social media presence by the accused’s parole officer.

man sex dog
Keene native Nicholas Coll reportedly had sex with several dogs, including a 3-year-old Golden Retriever (actual dog not pictured). [Image by martin-dm/iStock]

“Coll’s probation officer [went on to testify] in court that he learned that Coll had a Facebook account under the alias Nicali Caron” in December of 2014, the Sentinel Source details, “[and] during a quick search of the page, he found pictures of Coll with German shepherd, [as well as] a post indicating that the owner of the page was looking for a wolf breeder.”

Coll received an additional sentence of three-to-five years for his recurrent animal cruelty act.

Wentworth, the man from Maine who had sex with his dog, is scheduled to be arraigned this coming Friday, where he faces upward to five years in prison.

[Featured Image by Durham County Jail]