iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors Say Apple Launching Mid-2013

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors Say Apple Launching Mid-2013

The iPhone 5 might be popular now but Apple release date rumors are already bubbling up concerning the upcoming the next iPhone, which will either be called the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. As previously reported on The Inquisitr, Apple has not even begun selling the iPhone 5 in China, but the next iPhone and the next iPad may release earlier than usual, launching during the summer of 2013.

The iPad 4 and iPad Mini have only just made their debuts and Apple has hired two companies to work on the upcoming iOS-based devices. Apple sold 26.9 million iPhone units and 14 million iPad units in business Q4 2012. The companies are chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and packaging group Advanced Semiconductor Engineering.

“Apple is expected to introduce its next-generation iPad and iPhone series around the middle of 2013, which will boost demand for ICs in particular communications-related chips during the latter half of the first quarter,” said DigiTimes.

Little other news is known about the upcoming iOS devices, though reports earlier in November indicated that Apple had already begun work on an upcoming iPad mini with a retina display (so-called for its higher resolution). Meanwhile, Apple fans are making suggestions for how the iPhone 5 could be improved.

Over on TechRadar, many iPhone users says they want a bigger smartphone, but to make it wider, not longer. This change would make pecking away at the screen keyboard easier and increase the comfort of reading. But people don’t want it so big that common tasks cannot be done one-handed.

Apple patents suggest the “iPhone 6 design might hide external-facing components such as the camera and flash from view using a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal window which can change opacity on demand.” This design change would be purely aesthetic, although you’d hope the camera quality would not be affected.

Apple fans have been complaining about their processors having less cores than the Android equivalents. Although it could be argued that most apps don’t push the hardware enough to make this necessary. I’ve personally monitored core usage on my quad-core Android phone and sometimes the extra cores were turned off even during a 3D game.

Apple fans desire the iOS to copy new features from Android and Windows Phone 8. They’re envious of the live icons of Windows and the widgets from Android. They also desire to use their iPhone like a credit card by using the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology already available for Android and Windows Phone 8.

The iPhone 6 release date rumors for mid-2013 will probably not hold back holiday shoppers. By far the most desired “feature” for the iPhone 6 is a better price. Apple fans are tired of paying double the price for hardware that is about the same as a year-old Android. What feature do you desire to see the most in your next Apple iOS product?