‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 521 – Universe One’s Return And Fairies Counterattack

‘Fairy Tail Manga’ Chapter 534: Lucy And Acnologia In Danger After ‘Book Of E.N.D’ Is Edited To Revive Natsu?

Chapter 534 of immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail was awaited with bated breath by its fans mainly because the previous one contained a devastating revelation. Although the manga seemed to end with the fatal blow White Wizard Zeref delivered to E.N.D. Natsu, the series’ mangaka, Hiro Mashima, had included several clues in the preceding chapters that indicated Natsu’s survival was possible.

[Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 534 spoilers/recap and Chapter 535 speculations ahead]

Chapter 533 of manga Fairy Tail was quite shocking. Multiple events revealed within the chapter deeply affected the fans and caused many to speculate if the series is ending soon. On the one hand, the crew onboard Pegasus, the might flying ship designed to offer dragon slayers a winning edge, was losing against Acnologia. Not only did all the ammunition on Pegasus failed to lay a single scratch on the Dark Dragon, the monster managed to dodge the “Ravines of Time”. Since Acnologia managed to survive the carefully laid trap, he was determined to attack Pegasus and end all its occupants.

While Acnologia was proving to be a dangerous opponent to Wendy, Erza, Jella, Anna, and others onboard Pegasus, Zeref had committed the gruesome act of tearing into Natsu with his bare hands. After successfully exploiting Mavis’ magic, Zeref had managed to turn into the “White Wizard,” a very powerful being with “infinite magic power.” For Zeref, time and space were controllable. He proved his prowess by disintegrating and reforming right in front of Natsu. After promising that he would defeat Acnologia using the Ravines of Time, White Wizard Zeref punched Natsu right in the chest and left him bleeding on the floor of Fairy Tail Headquarters in Magnolia.

Although it appeared it was the end of E.N.D Natsu, mangaka Mashima has carefully inserted several clues that ensured Natsu’s survival. In the earlier chapters, Mavis had handed Lucy, Gray, and Happy a book titled “Book of E.N.D,” and had mentioned that the manuscript would be useful in saving Natsu when the time came. She had added that along with the book, Natsu would also need his friends for his survival.

In the previous chapter, Acnologia’s unrelenting pursuit after dodging the Ravines of Time had everybody onboard Pegasus very worried. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Jellal had stepped forth and proclaimed that he would buy the crewmembers some time. As expected, Erza was quite concerned. In the current chapter, Acnologia continues to chase the Pegasus with a renewed vengeance, but Jellal steps outside the Pegasus to confront him.

Jellal launches “Meteor” spell, which hits Acnologia perfectly. Although Jellal strikes multiple times, his attacks prove to be mere annoyance to the Dark Dragon. Angry at his attacker, Acnologia strikes back, and in the process, slashes across an ocean. The searing heat flash boils several thousand liters of seawater, and the steam hits Pegasus. Although Jellal expertly dodges the attack, the impact on earth leaves him shaken.

Meanwhile, Ms. Anna claims she is trying her best to open the Ravines of Time, but notes that the portal remains shut. She reasons that the portal might be closed by an external force. It is clear that no one on board the Pegasus is aware of Zeref’s control over the Ravines of Time.

The scene shifts back to the Fairy Tail Headquarters, where Mavis and Natsu are lying on the floor. While Zeref had confirmed that Mavis isn’t dead, the same cannot be said about the E.N.D. His body lies in a pool of blood. Standing beside Natsu, Zeref feels he is at arm’s reach of his goal of turning back the clock. He plans to transform the main door of the Fairy Tail Headquarters into the door to the “New World.” Interestingly, the “Neo Eclipse” spell that transformed Zeref into the White Wizard would allow him to retain his memories, while he goes back in time and starts his life afresh.

Incidentally, to turn back time, Zeref needs the Fairy Tail Headquarters’ main door to connect with the Ravines of Time. Zeref notes that once he passes through the door, the present world would crumble and a new world would begin. He promises himself that he won’t commit the same mistakes again, and he will save the world when time comes.

In the previous chapter, Lucy had realized that they could rewrite a few words in the Book of E.N.D to save Natsu. After Natsu collapses, the characters begin to fly out of the book once again. However, this time, they start vanishing. Since the Book of E.N.D is connected to Natsu with some “super advanced-level body link magic,” Gray realizes something must have happened to Natsu. Instead of mourning about Natsu, Lucy quickly grabs a pen. Although Gray wonders what Lucy is up to, she quickly starts to recreate the words that had disappeared. Lucy claims that she remembers all the words of the book.

Meanwhile back on board the Pegasus, Ms. Anna realizes the Ravines of Time have suddenly opened up. She is aware that she isn’t responsible for the action. Unfortunately, the Ravines of Time is now clearly visible. If Acnologia realizes the plan, he could easily avoid the trap. Once again, Jellal steps forward and claims that he would try to lure the Dark Dragon towards the Ravines of Time. Erza cautions Jellal that if he touches the Ravines of Time, he, too, would disappear. It is not clear what Jellal has planned, but it is quite likely that he will attack the Dark Dragon in the hopes that the latter will attempt to retaliate and fall into the trap.

The scene shifts back to the Fairy Tail Headquarters, where Zeref is about to walk through the door to the new world. However, before he can take the decisive step, Natsu slowly gets back on his feet. The E.N.D. promises to preserve the current world. Natsu’s revival is due to Lucy’s feverish revision of the Book of E.N.D. In extension, as long as Lucy keeps re-entering the words that go missing, Natsu would remain alive.

Unfortunately, right after all the missing words are recreated, Lucy appears to go into a trance. Mangaka Mashima doesn’t confirm what happened Lucy in Chapter 534 of manga Fairy Tail. However, it is quite likely that the revision of the book to save Natsu has a detrimental effect on her. Hopefully, the upcoming chapter of Fairy Tail reveals the mystery.

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