Disney Execs are not pleaased

Johnny Depp Desperate To Be Free From Scandal, Disney Execs Less Than Impressed

Johnny Depp has been in the hot seat as of late and in media headlines due to his wild spending habits that have reportedly left the star with massive amounts of debts to be paid. The Pirates of the Caribbean star has gone so far as to sue his former management team, TMG, for mismanaging his finances over the years and failing to pay his taxes promptly. This reportedly led to the star owing roughly $6 million in fees. TMG has also been accused of loaning out large sums of money to individuals without the consent of the star.

TMG quickly hit back and accused the star of deflecting from the real issue- that being that Depp spent his money carelessly, supposedly after managers warned him that he was dwindling his $6oo million fortune.

Depp has since responded to the accusations and as E! shares, stated that “It’s my money,” noting that his managers are still guilty of mismanagement of tax payments.

In addition to his financial woes. Depp has been crowned Hollywood’s most overpaid actor by Forbes magazine after the actor has put out flop after flop on the big screen. It seems like quite the ironic situation that the star is so overpaid yet experiencing such financial difficulty.

To throw salt in the wound, Depp recently just found his way through a bitter divorce from his ex-wife Amber Heard after the actress accused Depp of domestic abuse and sought a restraining order against one of Hollywood’s most notable leading men.

All in all, it has been a trying few months for the actor who is set to turn the page and stay out of the headlines for any reason other than his onscreen work. Based on reviews of the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Depp’s career may be back on the rise and resuscitated with his performance as Jack Sparrow.

The latest installment of the franchise will hit theaters in May, and there is great anticipation and excitement building for fans of the star and the Pirates films.

Despite this excitement, Disney is apparently less-than-impressed with the drama that has been attached to Depp throughout the filming of the latest installment, and these execs have all but threatened to cut ties with the actor. An insider spoke exclusively to Radar Online regarding the viewpoint of Disney execs in regards to their leading man in the films.

“Many of the executives at the studio are still very unhappy with all the bulls**t he pulled during the filming of Pirates 5 and they’ve made it clear they have no interest in continuing to work with him. His box office draw has all but disappeared and he’s a mess.”

Execs are reportedly worried that more information may surface about Depp or another scandal may break ahead of the film’s release date, which will have a similar result as to what occurred when Amber Heard’s accusations against Depp brought him a flop with his Alice in Wonderland sequel.

“They’re so concerned with another Johnny scandal wrecking Pirates’ opening — the way Amber’s sudden divorce and abuse allegations did for the Alice in Wonderland sequel — that they tried to make him agree to drug testing, which he has refused to do. Instead, he agreed to a sober companion during the press tour and premieres.”

It’s being reported that Disney needs this next film to hit big and to rake in at least $800 million for it to recover from the amount that resulted from the Stranger Tides release. Johnny has reportedly kept sober lately and is said to have lost around 15 lbs because of this change. Before this, the star reportedly would drink from noon until night and would often consume as much as 5 bottles of wine a day.

Johnny is said to be focusing on his career since his divorce and has a number of projects on the go, such as Murder on the Orient Express, which has just wrapped filming.

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