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‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2: Anne’s Titan Form And Several New Monsters In AOT Anime Have Complex Intelligence?

With Episode 5 of Attack On Titan Season 2, titled “Historia,” about to be aired, fans of the anime that’s based on manga Shingeki No Kyojin, an immensely popular light novel series by mangaka Hajime Isayama, have been actively discussing the Titans that have displayed a never-before-seen complexity and intelligence. While Season 1 of AOT did indicate a few people could transform into these giant creatures, none are more complex than Anne’s titan form or the Beast Titan that has the ability to have a very mature conversation with several implied or suggestive meanings.

As Episode 5 of Attack On Titan Season 2 approaches, anime fans are excited about the rather gruesome events outlined in the previous episode. Not only did Episode 4 of AOT Season 2 show one of the most gruesome and grisly deaths ever featured in an anime, the episode also revealed just how menacing and dangerous the Beast Titan can be. In fact, the only Titan to be covered with fur, not only displayed remarkable intelligence, he also appeared to expertly control the other Titans around him and even got them to do exactly what he wanted. His eerie calmness, as well as childlike amazement at the weapons and gear of the soldiers, is unnerving too.

Mike Zacharia, one of the finest soldiers of the Elite Survey Corps, was killed by a small group of odd-looking Titans, reported Inverse. However, his grotesque execution wasn’t a mindless act. Instead, he had a one-sided conversation with the Beast Titan. The furry giant addressed Zacharia and even asked for his reply. However, the soldier remained shell-shocked and powerless at the appearance of the Beast Titan. It is amply clear that Zacharia was rendered speechless by the creature that was assumed to be a mindless beast. After the Beast Titan admired the technology that allowed the soldiers to fly in the air and fling their swords, he proceeded to confiscate it, and then calmly ordered the group of Titans to tear Zacharia apart.


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It is quite possible that the Beast Titan’s ability to speak isn’t special or rare. Given the fact that there are potentially several people who can transform into the giant man-eating creatures, there could be quite a few intelligent monsters lurking behind the scenes, just waiting for the right opportunity to make their presence felt. Season 2 of Attack On Titan has already revealed Annie, a powerful Titan who possesses a heart filled with complex emotions. Her actions in Episode 3 of AOT are clear indicators that she desired her prey on an emotional, and not just physical, level. Besides Annie, Reiner and Bertholt have been confirmed to be Armored and Colossal Titans, respectively.

Apart from the ability to talk, the previous episode also revealed a crucial skill possessed by a few of the Titans. The ability to control all other Titans is referred to as “The Coordinate.” It is quite possible that Eren, one of the lead characters of AOT, who is also Titan-Shifter, will soon acquire or develop the skill. Given his affinity toward the humankind, Eren could easily order his group of Titans to attack their peers. This would certainly shift the scales in the Elite Survey Corps’ favor.

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