Comcast going proactive against PC infections

In a move that maybe should have been done years ago Comcast is testing out a new automated service in Denver called Comcast Constant Guard. The idea being that as the IPS they will be able to detect much easier unusual spikes in activities from particular IPs they can warn their customers of possible infections.

The alerts are triggered when computers on their networks are found to be doing activities that are commonly associated with botnet style activity. As well customers will be notified if their IP address is identified as the source of spam on an industry span list.

Customers in Denver are set to begin receiving notifications that their system may be infected with a virus or other malware via a pop-up message in the browser, as part of the new free service, called Comcast Constant Guard. The “Service Notice” will include a link to a Comcast security Web site where customers can follow a set of instructions to remove the malware from their computer.

If customers don’t have antivirus software, they can download McAfee Internet Security Suite for free. Comcast also offers a Comcast Toolbar that includes spyware detection and removal, a pop-up ad blocker, antiphishing software, and antispam protection for e-mail.

The company first started notifying customers about the security issues about a year ago, with support representatives calling customers on the phone, Opperman said.

“We learned that customers love it,” he said. “We wanted to reach more people and to automate the process.”

Source: cnet News – Comcast pop-ups alert customers to PC infections

The new service will eventually be rolled out to the ret of the country and replace the current practice of contacting the user by phone.

Image: cnet News