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NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears Eyeing Draft Day Trade?

If you believe any of the NFL rumors circulating before the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears have been linked to quarterbacks lately. Momentum is building about the Bears considering a trade. Armed with the No. 3 pick, there are questions about whether or not a passer should be taken so high. Thus, a deal would make sense. Are the Chicago Bears truthfully looking to wheel and deal?

Less than two weeks before the NFL draft and things are finally taking shape. There are questions regarding the two teams which draft before the Bears do. Most recently, there is speculation that the Cleveland Browns are at a crossroads.

Like the Bears, the Browns have been linked to a couple of quarterbacks as well.

According to ESPN, the Cleveland Browns are not set on whom to take with the No. 1 pick. It is believed that the Browns are stuck between defensive lineman Myles Garrett and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

If the Browns stay the expected course and take Garrett, the next team up, which is the San Francisco 49ers will likely take a defensive player as well. However, if the Browns go against conventional wisdom and take Trubisky, a run on quarterbacks could begin.

The Browns need a franchise quarterback more than a top notch defender. Therefore they may gamble on Trubisky, leaving Garrett to drop from the top spot. The 49ers will undoubtedly take Myles Garrett with the second pick if he is still on the board.

This scenario would put the Chicago Bears in a pickle. The Bears, despite having signed Mike Glennon to a three-year contract, according to the Chicago Tribune, need a franchise quarterback.

If the Browns were to select Mitchell Trubisky with the No. 1 pick, every team that wants to take a quarterback in the first round will be left scrambling. The Bears are included among those teams. Those teams could leapfrog the Bears by making a trade with the 49ers.

The Mercury News is reporting that the Niners are open to the idea of moving down from No. 2 and getting extra draft picks. The report adds a some drama to the upcoming draft. The latest NFL rumors are suggesting that the Chicago Bears could be one of the teams the Niners are engaged in trade talks with.

According to CSN Chicago’s John Mullin, the Chicago Bears might look to trade up to ensure they get a quarterback. With other reports about the Bears doing their due diligence on evaluating this year’s quarterback class, it is an NFL rumor that seems more than sensible. John Mullin offers the following assessment of the Bears’ draft situation.

“To this point, the predominance of thought has centered around whether the Bears would trade down from the No. 3 pick. But a confluence of circumstances might be positioning the Bears for a possible trade the opposite direction. A trade up could allow the Bears to pick Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett, the most dominant pass rusher in this year’s draft, or more likely Watson, who checks every box for what general manager Ryan Pace wants in a franchise quarterback.”

Teams such as the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets may also think about trading up, but the Bears could offer the San Francisco 49ers a couple of future picks, along with No. 3.

Let’s say the 49ers are looking at Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas. A deal with the Bears guarantees that the 49ers will have a shot at him.

This scenario only happens if the Cleveland Browns take Mitchell Trubisky instead of Myles Garrett. Otherwise, look for the Chicago Bears to either take a quarterback at No. 3 or find a way to trade down for a passer.

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