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Peyton Manning Gives Autograph To Jamaal Charles After Game

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles and Denver Bronco’s Peyton Manning may be enemies when they are on the field, but after the game, well, Charles is just a fan. The Chiefs running back asked Peyton for his autograph shortly after the Chiefs lost to the Broncos on Sunday.

According to ESPN, Charles was waiting for Manning after the game to get the future hall of famer’s autograph. Charles told Peyton that the autograph was for his mother.

Charles said: “My mom wanted this autograph.”

And Charles wasn’t the only player infatuated with Manning. Receiver Dwayne Bowe stopped Manning to get a picture.

Bowe said: “It’s Peyton Manning. Who wouldn’t want a picture with him?”

Charles and Bowe may be happy with Peyton Manning’s autograph and picture but some Chiefs fans weren’t happy to hear that their players were being so friendly with the Broncos’ QB.

Former Chiefs player Rich Baldinger, said:

“I don’t understand it at that moment … They were smiling and laughing after the loss like that today. I just think it just goes to show what this team’s about. I don’t know if winning’s really that important.”

What do you think? Can professional players still be fans of the sport?