Cadbury chocolate

Cadbury Invents Non Melting Chocolate

Cadbury, the makers of Dairy Milk chocolate and dozens of other brands has created a chocolate that doesn’t melt. The The Daily Mail is reporting the magic chocolate is going to be marketed solely in warmer climates like India and Brazil.

Scientists at Candbury’s in England say that the chocolate didn’t melt after three hours at 104 degrees. Chocolate usually melts around 93 degrees.

According to the patent application filed by Cadbury:

“We have found that it is possible to instill temperature-tolerant properties by refining the conched chocolate after the conching step.”

“Conching” is when ingredients such as cocoa butter, milk, sugar and vegetable oils are grinded and massaged so chocolate has a smooth rather than gritty texture. Cadbury says it has discovered a way to break down the sugar particles into small pieces, which means less fat covers each particle and a harder-to-melt chocolate bar.

While the world may be happy that Cadbury has created such a product, there are several Britons who feel that the company is doing them dirty by not selling the product in England.

Angus Kennedy, a chocolate-taster for over 30 years, said:

“What do kids do with chocolates? They put them in their pockets, where they melt and it ends up all over them. I think such a product would be very popular here. There’s no reason why it couldn’t be a seasonal product for the warmer months.We also eat far more chocolate in this country than in most other places. So we should get the benefits when they come up with new innovations.”

Several chocolate companies have criticized the invention saying that there is no way to create this type of product without sacrificing taste and consistency.

Would you be interested in trying Cadbury’s new no melt chocolate?