Sprinklers Go Off At Seahawks, Dolphins Game

Seahawks, Dolphins Game Interrupted By Sprinklers

The Seahawks and Dolphins had an interesting delay on Sunday when the field’s sprinklers turned on — an event being blamed on a computer glitch.

The Seahawks were leading the game 14-7 when she sprinklers turned on near the end of the third quarter during Sunday afternoon’s game, reports NewsOxy.

The crowd at the Dolphins’ home Sun Life Stadium was incredibly amused by the unusual delay (much like Seattle Mariner’s fans when a glitch kept their Safeco Field’s retractable roof from closing during a rainy day, causing the first-ever rain delay in Seattle). A Dolphins spokesman stated after the game:

“The computer was erroneously working on its Saturday schedule.”

Both Seahhawks and Dolphins teams appeared to laugh off the sprinkler malfunction, with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson commenting of his team’s reaction, “I think they’re used to the rain.”

Unfortunately, despite being no stranger to playing in soggy conditions, the Seahawks lost the game to the Dolphins, who rallied back to win 24-21.

The Washington Post notes that, after the game, Dolphins wide receiver Davone Bess stated:

“I never saw that before, not even in high school. It was pretty cool.”

Reggie Bush, running back for the Dolphins, also spoke of the incident after the game, saying:

“You know what? In all my years of football, that’s a first one. It kind of reminded me of the old 18th hole trick where you send a rookie out there at 9 pm and the sprinklers come on.”

Didn’t get to see the sprinklers go on during the Dolphins vs. Seahawks game? Check out the video of it below.