'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 86 would feature a meeting between Son Goku and Android 17.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 86: Shonen Jump Spoilers Tease Goku Vs. No.17 Battle, Super Android 17 To Return?

Dragon Ball Super is steadily building up towards its grandest saga yet, with the Universe Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power set to begin in a few weeks. With limited time available, series protagonist Son Goku and his firstborn son Gohan are hard at work recruiting possible fighters for Universe 7’s representative team. If a new leak from Japanese publication Weekly Shonen Jump is any indication, it appears that something very interesting that is set to transpire in DBS Episode 86.

Teasers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 have been quite scarce before the latest leak, with the only information being that Goku would be asking the Earth God Dende for the whereabouts of No. 18’s brother, Android 17. Thanks to a quick translation from noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship, the information provided by the latest Weekly Shonen Jump preview could be deciphered and analyzed.

“Goku and No. 17 have their first meeting! What will be the result of this scouting attempt?! Goku visits No. 17 in order to recruit him as a team member for the ‘Tournament of Power!’ No. 17’s been living as an animal reserve ranger, and his answer is…?!

“Goku This Week: How will he face this Android?! As Goku and No. 17 talk about old times, they end up fighting a match together! How will Goku fight against the now more powerful No. 17?!”

Immediately notable in the Weekly Shonen Jump teaser was the mention of Android 17 and Goku fighting with each other. Over the course of the Dragon Ball franchise, Android 17 was depicted as one of the heroes’ most formidable foes. Together with his sister, Android 18, the two were the central villains to one of Dragon Ball Z‘s most iconic sagas.

Considering the teaser preview for DBS Episode 86, it appears that Son Goku and No. 17 would be meeting again as friends. The two fighters have never really met in the anime’s canon, with the two only exchanging blows in the non-canonical and arguably controversial series, Dragon Ball GT. Thus, numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit have noted that it would be interesting to see how Goku and No. 17 would interact with each other, especially since the two have never been intimately acquainted.

Nevertheless, No. 17’s role in Dragon Ball GT was very prominent. Being the central villain of the anime’s Super 17 arc, No. 17 presented the Z fighters with an even larger challenge than Super Buu. During the height of his power, Super 17 was able to hold off and defeat Super Saiyan 4 Goku. It was only through the combined efforts of the Z fighters, as well as his own sister, that the insanely powerful Android was defeated.

Considering that Dragon Ball Super has been pretty liberal with embracing non-canonical characters and concepts such as the Legendary Super Saiyan form, numerous fans are speculating that the Shonen Jump teaser’s mention of a more powerful No. 17 might pertain the fighter attaining the same, if not a similar level of strength, as his Super 17 form from DBGT. This, of course, would need a lot of work with regards to the anime’s plot. Nevertheless, if there is an anime that can explain sudden power-ups that were previously non-canonical, it would be Dragon Ball Super.

In many ways, a similar power level to Super 17 would be logical for the returning Android. Goku and Android 17’s fight would most likely involve the Saiyan transforming into his SSJB form, and there is simply no way for No. 17 to hold off the fighter’s attacks unless he has something similar in store. Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 would most likely be an absorbing episode, filled with the anime’s classic nods to DB nostalgia, and possibly even some scenes that are pure fanservice.

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