NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls’ Dwyane Wade To Return Before The End Of The Season

Dwyane Wade appears to be gearing up for the NBA playoffs. There are NBA rumors circulating that Wade will return to the Chicago Bulls in one of the final three games of the NBA season. He is all but ruled out of tonight’s game, when the Bulls play against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Getting Dwyane Wade in a game or two before the postseason would be an intriguing idea for the Chicago Bulls.

When Dwyane Wade first suffered a tear in his elbow, it was feared by members of the Chicago Bulls’ medical staff that he could be lost for the season. The NBA playoffs were a question mark, but the idea of a big stage appealed to Wade.

Despite the grim outlook, Wade was telling everyone who would listen that he would return (courtesy of the Chicago Tribune) for a postseason run — that is, if his Chicago Bulls’ teammate Jimmy Butler propels the team there.

At the time, Bulls’ head coach Fred Hoiberg would not rule out the possibility of a Dwyane Wade return for the playoffs.

“He’s a true pro. He’s working every day. He’s in the weight room, he’s on the treadmill, he’s doing everything that he possibly can. And again, he’s upping his activity on the basketball court. That’s a good sign.”

New information has come to light regarding Wade’s recovery progress. According to a report by CSN Chicago’s Vincent Goodwill, the Chicago Bulls are expecting Wade to come back Saturday and play against the Brooklyn Nets.

Per CSN Chicago, Wade is going to give it go with three remaining in the regular season. Coach Hoiberg seemed pleased with his starting shooting guard’s progress.

“Dwyane was able to participate in a lot in lot of the contact drills. The big thing is getting his conditioning and wind and timing but it was great to see him out there.”

His return is a well-timed one, with the Chicago Bulls deeply entrenched in the Eastern Conference playoff race. The Bulls have played well without Wade, that is with a couple of unsung heroes stepping up. Versus the New York Knicks, a team the Bulls should dominate, offensive struggles held them back in the 100-91 defeat (courtesy of ESPN).

A healthy Dwyane Wade would have been helpful against the Knicks. Wade gives the Bulls another scorer who can create his own offense. During the many lulls on the floor, the veteran could have generated enough to push the Bulls past a hapless Knicks’ team. A win would also have allowed the Bulls to keep pace with the Atlanta Hawks, who are in the sixth seed.

The Bulls are currently in a three-way tie for seventh place in the Eastern Conference with the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers. If the NBA regular season were to end today, the Bulls would be the seventh seed set to start a best-of-seven series with the Boston Celtics.

If the Bulls can win their remaining games, they will be guaranteed a playoff appearance. They can overtake the Hawks by winning out and if Atlanta loses three out of their last five contests.

Dwyane Wade is guarded by Eric Gordon.
Dwyane Wade’s eventual return to the basketball court will help the Chicago Bulls with their playoff run. [Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty]

The Hawks have a brutal five-game stretch starting with the Celtics tonight. After the Hawks play Boston, they have to travel to play the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday, then host the defending champions on Sunday.

Both the Celtics and Cavaliers are embroiled in a battle for homecourt advantage. Neither will look to rest any of their players with so much on the line.

How it is shaping up, the Chicago Bulls could surpass the Atlanta Hawks by the end of the weekend.

The Bulls having Dwyane Wade back should give them a push into the NBA playoffs. Meanwhile, they will be able to fine tune some things regarding team chemistry and a potential postseason rotation. Wade will have to work through some conditioning problems, but he will be rested heading into the playoffs.

Because the NBA do not have back-to-back games in the playoffs, the Bulls will not have to sit Dwyane Wade. Taking away the grind from the missing the last 10 games, Wade should be rejuvenated a little bit.

Most NBA observers wrote the Chicago Bulls off once Dwyane Wade’s injury was announced. Just about everyone expected the Bulls to fold. It was feared that Wade’s elbow injury was worse. Perhaps he is giving it a go because Jimmy Butler has helped willed the Bulls back into the postseason chase. All we need to know now is how will the Dwyane Wade’s return will impact the Chicago Bulls in the final three games of the season.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]