University of Colorado at Boulder

Colorado University ‘Gun Dorms’ Attract Zero Students

The state of Colorado is not just known for its thin air and the fact that it just legalized marijuana for recreational use. Two Colorado Universities also have a policy of allowing new segregated dorms where students who have permission to carry concealed firearms can choose to live and not worry about their weapons. The only problem, no one wants to live in a dorm where people can pack heat.

The Daily Camera newspaper reports that since the University of Colorado’s Boulder and Colorado Springs campuses began segregating dorms for students with valid concealed-carry permits this year, not a single student has asked to live where guns are allowed.

In all dorms in the school guns are banned even if the student is 21 and has a valid conceal and carry permit. Both Colorado Universities implemented the segregated “gun Dorms” in order to help those students who feel the need to carry guns feel more comfortable and to minimize accidents for students who choose to ignore the handgun ban in the regular dorms.

Gun rights activists say the lack of students seeking “gun dorms” could be because students who carry concealed weapons don’t want to move.

David Burnett, spokesman for Students for Concealed Carry said to the Camera:

“I’m not surprised. You’ve proven you’re legally, responsibly and morally able to carry, then the college comes back and tells you you’ve got to move. What would you do?”

Would you want to live in a dorm room where it is permissible for students to carry concealed handguns?