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WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns And Undertaker ‘WrestleMania’ Match Worth $7 Million?

We’re literally one week away from wrestling’s biggest night — WrestleMania — and the latest WWE rumors are now in overdrive. Of course, one of the most anticipated matches of the night involves Roman Reigns, who will be facing off against the Undertaker, in what many are suggesting is the Dead Man’s last go-around in the ring. And this match is actually one of the most expensive matches, to date, that the WWE has ever had to account for — at least if the latest rumors are to be believed. According to some reports, this match between the two wrestling legends is costing $7 million!

According to the latest WWE rumors from Forbes Magazine, much of the big time payday for Reigns, especially, has to do with the fact that John Cena will be leaving the WWE full-time, thus leaving the door open for Reigns to get a bigger payday. Last year, while Cena took home more than $9 million, Reigns only took home a respectable $2 million, leaving him outside of the realm of “highest paid wrestlers.” But when it comes to The Undertaker match at WrestleMania, Reigns — especially if he wins, which all predictions suggest he will — will easily shatter Cena’s personal record, and take home $7 million from the match.

If nothing else, the latest WWE rumors from Rolling Stone suggest that Roman Reigns will bring out the best in the Undertaker. If nothing else, fans and foes of Reigns alike can agree on one thing: he’s an amazing wrestler.

And, as Rolling Stone suggests, Reigns is the only “A-list” wrestler that could send the Undertaker off with a proverbial bang.

“While Roman’s critics are quick to carp over his Samoan-dynasty hookups, hesitancy on a microphone or limited fighting background, those arguments do nothing to rebuke what’s plainly evident after spending a couple of hours perusing recent WWE Network archives: When asked to step up (which is always), he tears the house down.”

Rolling Stone also suggests that this is the time when Reigns, finally, turns heel, and earns his mark as a wrestler that deserves the recognition that he’s worked for, proper pedigree or not.

And while Reigns has also been the subject of some criticism thanks to the fact that he’s facing because of the advanced age of the Undertaker, the latest WWE rumors from Cageside Seats suggests that Reigns isn’t concerned about the Dead Man’s age.

The outlet recently spoke to the superstar, and he confirmed that he’s going to fight the Undertaker in the best way he knows how.

“He’s The Deadman. You’re talking age with the Undertaker? That don’t make sense. Come on, man. He could be 80 and still go, I think. What he’s done and how long he’s done it for I think he can do anything. So I don’t even worry about age or anything like that.” Undertaker’s age and the wear and tear on his body because of it is, or should be, a very real concern, especially for the man tasked with pretending to hurt him without actually hurting him. He wouldn’t be promoting the match well if he made that a talking point to the media, to be fair, but let’s hope privately Undertaker’s safety comes first when it’s time to do the match.”

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? How do you think that the match between Roman Reigns and the Undertaker will turn out?

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