Dean Ambrose Will Face Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania 33

WWE News: Dean Ambrose Entering Tag Team Division After ‘WrestleMania 33’

Dean Ambrose will walk into WrestleMania 33 and defend the Intercontinental Title against Baron Corbin, but he could be doing something really different on SmackDown after the grandest stage of them all. Over the course of the last year, The Lunatic Fringe has been up and down the WWE ladder as one of WWE’s top guys regardless of his position. In the last year, he held the IC Championship twice and the WWE Title once.

It’s been reported that WWE officials have some major concerns about Ambrose’s position in the company after the way he was dropped from the WWE Title picture and handed back the IC Title from The Miz. The WWE Universe remains loyal to him as a babyface, so the transition went well. However, it doesn’t stop a lot of people from noticing how lackluster his run as the WWE Champion was over the summer last year.

Many people believe that it cemented Dean Ambrose as a midcard guy, which means it’ll be difficult for him to become the WWE Champion again. Also, he’s expected to drop the IC Title to Corbin at WrestleMania 33 to help his push. On paper, that could leave him with little to do as a singles wrestler on SmackDown after the grandest stage of them all. However, WWE officials may be planning something else interesting for him.

Baron Corbin is Expected to Beat Dean Ambrose at Wrestlemania33
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It’s very likely the feud between Ambrose and Corbin will continue for a while after WrestleMania to further cement the latter of the Intercontinental Champion. Afterward, The Lunatic Fringe could be headed to the SmackDown Tag Team division. During a recent interview, Ambrose said the following about the idea.

“I watch a lot of these guys on SmackDown Live. I really like watching American Alpha – they’re really coming up and they’re good and they’re only going to get better. They’re hitting on all cylinders right now and they have such a good and fun style to watch. It’s so exciting and it’s such good action. I just really enjoy watching them. They’re the best examples of two guys who are a tag team. Maybe I’ll team up with them or get myself a partner for a while – explore what I can do with those guys.”

Of course, that could be an off-handed comment for fun, but it also presents the intriguing possibility of him finding a tag team partner and trying to make a difference in SmackDown’s Tag Team division. Since 2012, Dean Ambrose has won every singles title in WWE, but he’s never been a WWE Tag Team Champion. It’s a new goal for him, and it would give him the opportunity to boost the division and work with new wrestlers.

Dean Ambrose Has Been One of WWEs Strongest Babyfaces
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The Lunatic Fringe being a part of a tag team sounds like a fun time, but he has to find the partner first. On SmackDown, there aren’t too many options for a face in the midcard. Apollo Crews, Mojo Rawley, or maybe Heath Slater could be his partner. However, someone like Sami Zayn would be perfect if he could be moved over to SmackDown from Raw. Ambrose’s ground game with Zayn’s agility could be a really fun tag team.

If WWE officials wanted to have someone from NXT be his partner, that could be just as easy. Someone like Tye Dillinger could mix well with The Lunatic Fringe and create a good dynamic for a strong team. If WWE is planning a heel turn for Ambrose soon, that could open the doors for him on SmackDown. Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, or even AJ Styles could be interesting. Frankly, Ambrose in a tag team sounds like a great way to keep him busy until another opportunity comes for him to re-enter the midcard or WWE Title picture.

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