Tony Romo trade rumors Cowboys QB to Texans sports network retirement

Tony Romo Trade Rumors: Cowboys QB Going To Texans, Sports Network Or Retirement

The Tony Romo trade rumors are expected to be over with this week by some analysts. However, things could get stretched out even further with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback not going anywhere until closer to the middle of April. There have been two teams that are the main frontrunners to possible trade for or sign Romo within that timeframe, and now it also appears there are two sports networks who want to sign Romo as well. In addition to those possibilities, there’s the fifth possibility that he will simply choose retirement. Here’s all of the latest on the Tony Romo saga as of the NFL owners meetings that started on Sunday.

On Friday, Bleacher Report brought to light that it was being reported that the CBS Sports network was interested in signing Romo. The report originated from ESPN‘s Adam Scheffer who tweeted that CBS was “making a strong push” to add Romo to their commentary and coverage team. That would make for the second sports network to show strong interest in adding Romo to their team, as Fox Sports was reported weeks before that as the network that wanted the Cowboys star.

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett with QB Tony Romo
Romo last played a full season in 2014 with Jason Garrett and the Cowboys. [Image by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]

At CBS, Romo could join a team that already includes Tony Gonzalez, Boomer Esiason, Bart Scott, Bill Cowher, and Deion Sanders. Or he could opt for Fox Sports where former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson works along with Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, and Howie Long. The latter of these teams seems to be where Romo might sign on, but one never knows.

Basically, all of this means there are four different entities vying for the services of Romo, sort of. The Houston Texans and Denver Broncos have been the two NFL teams most strongly associated with an interest in Tony Romo over the past several months. The Arizona Cardinals had been mentioned in that mix for a short while but are no longer considered a possibility, or at least they aren’t showing their hand. Also, while Houston and Denver both seem to want Romo as their starting quarterback next season, neither team has been in any rush to offer a deal to acquire him. Instead, they are simply playing the waiting game for Dallas to release him.

The Houston Chronicle recently reported, the NFL owners meetings started up Sunday and Romo has been the main topic, but Jerry Jones has been “mum.”

“The Texans will pursue Romo if he’s released. The Broncos are expected to be interested in him, too.”

“Jones has given no indication what his plans are for Romo, but considering he’s attending the league meetings, perhaps he’ll shine some light on the subject before he leaves.”

The Chronicle reported that it was said just last week it will either be “Texans or retirement” for Romo in the coming weeks. However, a radio report from Denver had predicted the Broncos would make a deal this coming week for the longtime Dallas quarterback. The Houston Texans still seem like the best fit at this moment for Tony Romo, based on where they’re located and how suited they are to using Romo in their system. The team has an offensive-minded coach, adequate offensive weapons, a good defense, and could be a major competitor in the postseason if they add Romo.

Tony Romo retirement possible as trade rumors continue
Tony Romo may simply decide to take a seat and retire from the game of football. [Image by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]

However, it may simply come down to Romo deciding to hang up his cleats. Whether he does that and just spends time enjoying his free time and family, or adds NFL analyst or commentator to his resume will be up to Tony. In the end, all of these ongoing trade rumors will be settled by Romo himself based on what he wants to do the most. So for those thinking Romo is the one in limbo, it’s been mostly the fans who are waiting for the situation to finally get its resolution.

NFL fans, what do you predict will be the outcome to the Tony Romo rumors that have been circulating for months now? Will he be a member of the Broncos or Texans, an NFL analyst, or simply retire for now?

[Featured Image by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]