Bray Wyatt Has Three Big Dream Opponents

WWE News: Bray Wyatt Reveals His Dream Opponents From The WWE Hall Of Fame

The WWE Universe always wonders about dream matches, but even WWE Superstars like Bray Wyatt are curious what it would have been like to step into the ring with certain opponents. Almost immediately after The Eater of Worlds debuted on WWE television, a potential match with the Undertaker was considered a dream match for the fans. Thankfully, the WWE Universe got to see Undertaker vs. Wyatt more than once.

The WWE Universe can scratch that matchup off their list of dream matches, but Bray Wyatt just revealed who is on his list of dream matches during an interview with Sports Illustrated. It’s a shame Wyatt wasn’t around a few decades earlier, because he would have had great matches with more WWE Hall of Famers.

“Mick Foley would be one and Jake Roberts is another,” said Wyatt. “It’s the storytelling element behind their faces, but that one person who I’ve never really spoken about — and someone I could have done something beautiful with — is Shawn Michaels.

“Shawn Michaels is the ultimate storyteller, the ultimate in-ring performer. I would have loved to have done something with him. Shawn Michaels is the one who got away. I like fighting smaller guys, they’re easier to move around, and we could have created art together.”

Bray Wyatt Lists Mick Foley Jake Roberts and Shawn Michaels as Dream Opponents
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Bray Wyatt vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts would have been a treat to watch. The WWE Universe would hang on every word these two had to say. The microphone work would be something really special, especially if both men were in their prime and could bring great psychology to their matches. There are many angles they could have had involving snakes and other gimmicks. WWE fans would remember Roberts vs. Wyatt.

The interesting thing about Mick Foley is most of the WWE Universe would want Mankind to be the one to feud with Bray Wyatt. However, Dude Love or Cactus Jack could have been great characters to face Wyatt as well. Obviously, Mankind vs. Wyatt would be a dark feud with strong matches, but the hardcore element he could have with Cactus Jack would bring out the violent side of him. The character dynamic between Dude Love and Bray Wyatt would be the most unique, but all three could have been creative and brutal rivalries.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bray Wyatt would have been extremely interesting. The Heartbreak Kid can have a good match with almost anyone, but the dynamic of those two characters seems like it would be a curious mix of personalities. On paper, the feud seems like it would be really similar to what HBK and Foley did in the ’90s.

Bray Wyatt Could Also Face Sting
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Another name that Bray Wyatt didn’t mention is Sting. The WWE Hall of Famer is another darker character that could create a unique atmosphere with Wyatt. If Sting is capable of having one more match in WWE, a lot of people would be more interested in Sting vs. Wyatt instead of Sting vs. the Undertaker. Bray would be able to lead him through a match, and Wyatt has a lot more to gain from a win over Sting than Undertaker.

The great thing about Bray Wyatt’s character is the mythology of Sister Abigail and the twisted logic he has about the world. WWE officials could find a way to expand on that over the years, because Wyatt is the next generation of dark characters in WWE. There are numerous other feuds and matches the WWE Universe is interested in seeing, but it’s still fun to think about dream matches and wonder what it could have been like.

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