Backstage News on Mick Foleys Status With WWE

Shocking News Regarding Mick Foley’s WWE Future, Could Have Role On ‘Smackdown’?

Mick Foley’s WWE future is questionable after being fired by Stephanie McMahon on Raw and written off WWE television less than two weeks before WrestleMania, but his future with WWE has been revealed. The reason why WWE officials wrote Foley out of the Raw general manager role and off television is because he needs to have hip surgery shortly after WrestleMania 33. His time in the role was coming to an end anyway.

The WWE Universe has been speculating about who could replace Foley as Raw‘s GM, but he or she is not likely to be revealed until after the grandest stage of them all. The frontrunner for the job is Kurt Angle, who is expected to return to WWE programming after WrestleMania. Even Mick Foley has agreed that the future WWE Hall of Famer would be a good choice for the role, but it’ll leave The Hardcore Legend with nothing.

It’s being rumored that Foley could make one more appearance in Orlando during the match between Triple H and Seth Rollins to get his revenge against The Game and Stephanie McMahon for firing him. After that, Foley will be focusing on his surgery and being healthy for the immediate future. However, whenever he’s done with his recovery, there is some recent news about what WWE could be planning for his WWE return.

Mick Foley Was Fired By Stephanie McMahon
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According to a new report, WWE officials have no plans of bringing Mick Foley back to WWE programming even after his recovery is finished for his hip surgery. The scene of Stephanie McMahon firing him could be his last for quite some time. It’s likely that Foley will return to WWE for a cameo or a specific purpose, but the powers that be don’t have anything planned for the former general manager of Raw as of this writing.

On paper, that means Foley won’t get involved in the match between HHH and Rollins in Orlando, and that will also scrap any rumors about him potentially moving to SmackDown Live for a role. The idea of him to switch brands seemed logical for Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan to stick it to Stephanie McMahon and the new Raw GM, but also to keep Foley on WWE television after earning favor with the WWE Universe.

It’s been reported that Daniel Bryan will be leaving SmackDown and WWE for a time after his child is born with Brie Bella. WWE officials will need to find the brand another GM, so Foley seemed like a natural fit for the role, especially if he changed sides. However, WWE officials haven’t thought of it, or aren’t interested in keeping him on Raw or SmackDown for the foreseeable future, which means his WWE future is unclear.

Mick Foley Could Be Headed to SmackDown
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Despite Foley being written off WWE programming indefinitely, there isn’t any news about him having any backstage heat with WWE officials or talent. He wasn’t under an official contract with WWE for his role on Raw as the general manager. He was working on a handshake deal with WWE officials until one or both of them felt he was no longer necessary to the WWE product. Apparently, that day has come sooner than later.

The WWE Universe will always welcome Mick Foley back with open arms for an appearance, but it does not seem likely he will have a weekly role with WWE again. There will be more for him to do with WWE in the future, but a nine-month run as the general manager of Raw is a solid run for the WWE legend. It would be better for him to get the last laugh at WrestleMania in some way but it seems like Foley is saying goodbye.

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