LaVar Ball and son Lonzo Ball shake hands during a basketball match.

LaVar Ball Continues To Enrage NBA Fans, Goes Head To Head Against Stephen Smith

LaVar Ball just won’t stop! The former football and basketball player, who made controversial comments on NBA stars, is at it again and shows no sign of stopping soon. Following his rant about LeBron James, the 48-year-old NCAA dad goes head to head against Stephen A. Smith during a heated interview on ESPN’s First Take.

On Thursday, LaVar Ball made a guest appearance on First Take where he has proven once again how overconfident he is about his skills and his three basketball-playing sons. During the segment, host Stephen A. Smith challenged LaVar to prove his claims about Michael Jordan as well as his rising basketball star son Lonzo.

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In the interview, the two got into a heated argument and basically had a screaming match on national television. Smith initially threw questions about Lonzo and LaVar’s “marketing strategy” as well as being obviously “self-centered.” The host, who clearly registered an unimpressed look, asked the very vocal Ball about his opinion on people, including himself, who think that his comments might have a negative effect on Lonzo’s career in the long run. Ball made it clear that such “negativity sells” and revealed how he wants to “generate wealth” around his boys.

“So just to be clear…Your attitude is, you’re marketing your sons,” Stephen started.

“This is what you do, this is how you are, you’re going to make sure they’re not the 70 percent, which is the number you threw out there…this is what it is and you’re going to be unapologetic about that?”

LaVar replied bluntly, “I ain’t apologizing about nothing. I don’t live that way. I don’t have to apologize about nothing because I don’t do nothing I regret.”

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Smith then moved on to ask about Ball’s controversial statement that he could have beaten Michael Jordan one-on-one in his heyday. Smith, who did not shy away in showing his dismay, threw grilling questions to the stage dad. An obvious fan of Michael Jordan, Stephen called out LaVar for his “blasphemous” claims of beating the NBA legend.

“I’m gonna be like everybody else and ask you what you did in college,” Smith said.

“Forget all that. All I’m going to ask you is a simple question: We talkin’ about the G.O.A.T. here, the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. And you’re running your mouth talking about you gonna beat him one-on-one…why would you say something so blasphemous!?”

LaVar confidently fired back with no hesitation, saying, “In my heyday, he would need help! He’s too small. His name is big and y’all like…” Ball also pointed out the Jordan is good in a five-on-five game but not one-one.

“Five-on-five game, he’s good. But one-on-one, I’m undefeated. Never lost!”

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Smith, alongside hosts Molly Querim and Max Kellerman, were evidently flabbergasted by Ball’s blunt claims. The infuriated Stephen asked LaVar to publicly apologize for such “nonsense” claims. However, LaVar doesn’t slow down even a bit. The self-proclaimed basketball genius went on to boast that nobody has ever beaten him in a one-on-one game, especially during his heyday. This is despite the fact that he was only able to play in college basketball and not in the NBA.

Kellerman was quick to correct Ball’s claim, revealing that the basketball enthusiast was in fact beaten before, saying, “Marcellus Wiley took you the distance one-on-one!” To which Smith quickly backed up, “Exactly! And you looked like you were tired against Marcellus!” However, LaVar doesn’t seem to mind the hosts’ revelations and just simply dodged it.

” Let me ask you this, like I tell them, did I win or lose? Did I win or lose! All I care about is the ‘W’! I don’t care how I get it!”

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LaVar’s defiance on his claims seems to be never-ending. In the end, Ball proclaims himself to be someone bigger than NBA’s biggest superstars, “Check this out: Everybody used to say who’s the best, Michael Jordan or LeBron? They say, who’s the best, Kobe or LeBron?”

” Guess what the story is now? Who’s better: LaVar or Michael Jordan?”

Smith, who also doesn’t show any sign of backing down, fired back, saying, “Ain’t nobody thinking about no d**n LaVar…”

LaVar’s cocky rant doesn’t seem to sit well with NBA fans as they openly expressed dismay about his controversial statements in the last few days. NBA fanatics took to social media and criticized Ball. One user pointed out, “This guy is delusional. If he was so great in his heyday, how come he didn’t even make it to the @nba? Averaged 2.2ppg in college and has the audacity to say he would kill Michael Jordan 1 on 1…. please!!! shut your d**n mouth @lavarball.”

Another user commented, “Omg! Keep this psycho out of media, what the hell! He’s just begging for attention and the sad thing is he’s getting it, he’s winning.”

Check out the full heated debate between LaVar Ball and Stephen A. Smith in the video below.

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