wwe rumors tna champions michael bennett maria kanellis wwe return

WWE Rumors: Two Former Champions From TNA Could Be Heading To WWE

Earlier this week, WWE reportedly offered new deals to the Hardy Boyz in hopes of bringing the brothers back for, or right after, WrestleMania 33. TNA Impact Wrestling had a mass exodus of talent after Jeff Jarrett came back in and Anthem took over, and WWE may be looking to reap the benefits. While some of the others may never head to Vince McMahon’s company, there are two former champions who are rumored to soon be WWE-bound.

During their run in TNA, Maria captured the Knockouts Championship while Michael Bennett had a run with the X-Division Title. After a little more than a year with the promotion, the contracts of the couple expired and they chose not to sign new ones, so they could head out and explore other opportunities.

Upon officially leaving TNA, the couple started working the independent scene, but now, it appears as if they could be heading to WWE.

wwe rumors tna champions michael bennett maria kanellis wwe return
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Wrestling Rumors is reporting that it is very possible to see Maria Kanellis return to WWE for the first time since 2010. Her husband, Mike Bennett, has wrestled all around the world, but he has never actually been on the roster of WWE or NXT.

After leaving Impact, the couple headed to the independent scene and worked with Northeast Wrestling for a short time. Actually, “The Miracle” won the main title for the promotion on March 3, but he didn’t hold onto the title for very long, and that is why Wrestling Rumors feels as if their time in that promotion will be short-lived.

PW Insider recapped an event from March 10 where Cody Rhodes defeated Bennett via pinfall and won the NEW Title. It was said to be an extremely good match and that the fans were rather shocked that the title changed hands so soon after Bennett won it.

Another interesting note is that right after leaving TNA, Bennett and Maria were saying what their next move would be and where they would be going. Since losing the NEW Title, they’ve been quite tight-lipped and that could be another sign they are heading to WWE.

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Both of the former champions from TNA have also been posting rather interesting things on social media. Bennett recently posted about there always being hope and how anything is possible in the world of the ring, which means that bigger things could be on the way for him.

As for Maria Kanellis, she posted a photo on Thursday evening that had a lot of fans talking and chattering about the rumors of the couple heading back north. The image was a simple one with the focus on a top that she had made, but it was one from her days back in WWE.

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The wrestling world has seen Maria’s name in the news a good bit this past week, as she was also one of the victims of leaked nude photos, just like Paige. The Sun reported how Maria’s phone had been hacked and several personal and private pictures made it on the web.

WWE has really started putting a focus on real-life couples in different storylines and it wouldn’t be bad to see Maria and Bennett added to that list.

Maria Kanellis and Michael Bennett are seen as a great power couple in the ring and it also helps that they’re both extremely talented. TNA Impact Wrestling choosing not to bring the two of them back could end up being a huge mistake on their part as the couple will bring a lot to any promotion they end up in. Maria already knows the WWE system, from being in it years ago, and her rumored return, along with the addition of Bennett, could be a huge signing for WWE.

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