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iPhone 8 Release Date: 10th Anniversary iPhone To Pay Tribute To First Model

The iPhone 8’s release is one of the most anticipated events this year as Apple is celebrating the smartphone’s 10th year anniversary in 2017. As an homage to the original iPhone, the next version is said to feature a water drop design similar to the first phone released in 2007.

iPhone 8 design is going back to its roots

To achieve the same effect as the first iPhone’s design, ETNews describes a glass material at the back with more pronounced curves. The glass case will reportedly curve at the edges slightly more than the design that customers have become accustomed to today.

Such design, albeit in plastic, was used by Apple in its first iPhone and in succeeding models until the iPhone 3GS. From the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 7, the back was more flat than curved, but now it seems that CEO Tim Cook is going back to Steve Jobs-era.

At the front, reports seem to agree that the OLED display will not be curved dramatically unlike in the Galaxy Edge. The iPhone 8 will likely retain the 2.5D screen from the iPhone 7. What’s different, however, is that the display is expected to meet the glass back since there will be no side bezels.

Overall, the design of the iPhone 8 will be slimmer and will look sleeker than all the iPhones released in the past. For a more seamless design at the front, the physical home button will reportedly be dispatched.

iPhone 8 new features include facial recognition

Although the original model is expected to heavily influence the upcoming iPhone 8 when it comes to design, the hardware and software in the next one will be literally 10 years ahead. Apple prides itself on being innovative, so the 10-year anniversary iPhone might introduce some new tech.

Facial recognition technology will soon come to iPhone
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In a patent spotted by AppleInsider, the Cupertino-based company is looking into some sort of a facial recognition software that allows users to unlock their devices simply by having the phone detect the face of the owner. This will bypass the need to input a PIN or use Touch ID if the iPhone automatically recognizes a face that has been registered before.

The feature uses the front camera and some sensors to accurately detect a face. To help with that, a related patent was awarded recently to Apple, which describes “Enhanced face detection using depth information.”

Another feature that could be revolutionary is true wireless charging. Samsung has previously introduced a similar tech, but it doesn’t allow users to use their phones normally. There are talks that Apple is developing long-range wireless charging that will not keep users in one spot as in the case of a Lightning cable or a dock.

iPhone 8 to have upgraded specs

The upcoming iPhone is also said to have a bigger screen at 5.8 inches that can accommodate a smaller second touch display. The concept below shows how it could work similar to the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro 2017. It could also be similar to the second screen of the LG V20 that displays additional information.

Under the hood, the newest A11 chip paired with 3GB RAM is expected, per PCAdvisor. The iPhone 8 may also have a bigger battery for a longer life and internal storage options of up to 256GB. As for the camera, it is believed that the 10th-anniversary phone will have a 3D camera, which will work with the facial recognition scanner.

The iPhone 8’s release date is still months away, and as always, Apple is keeping silent of its plans. The rumored reveal date is in September or October, so the company will probably release press invites weeks before then.

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