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Why Brock Lesnar Beating Goldberg Quickly At Wrestlemania Makes No Sense At All

The narrative of Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg is about to come to an end at Wrestlemania 33. With Goldberg’s recent win of the WWE Universal title and Brock Lesnar’s tearing through the ranks, it has become crystal clear that a final collision between the “Beast Incarnate” and Goldberg will finally happen at Wrestlemania 33. This has been something fans have expected ever since Bill Goldberg came back to the WWE.

Bill Goldberg shocked the WWE world when he dominated Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. Another quick elimination by Goldberg to Brock Lesnar made it quite clear what the WWE was going to do. Have these two lock horns one final time at Wrestlemania 33, make a compelling classic match between the two (make it last way longer this time, and finally have Brock Lesnar get a win against Bill Goldberg.

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Common consensus points out that the major reason why Brock Lesnar has been getting dominated is to make his character a bit more vulnerable. This would have been a great idea as it would make future feuds with Brock Lesnar that much entertaining. It really does not make good television to have someone like Kevin Owens getting thrown around like a rag doll. WWE feuds are built upon baby faces and heels who can beat one another. Having Brock win a hard fought match at Wrestlemania 33 is just good business for the WWE moving forward.

However, recent rumors point out to a different direction for the company with regards to Brock Lesnar, according to Sportskeeda, the narrative of Lesnar is going to be that he will win his Wrestlemania 33 match against Goldberg in quick fashion. So quick in fact that it might rival how easily he was dominated by Bill Goldberg in their past bout at Survivor Series.


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This comes on the heels of Brock Lesnar destroying Kevin Owens at an MSG Live event quite easily. The WWE is planning to do an arc where Brock Lesnar is going to regain his invincibility and match up against a seemingly unstoppable Bill Goldberg. But instead of a long overdue classic match between the two athletic giants, fans will be treated to another quick smashing at Wrestlemania 33.

This is quite troubling for the Raw brand after Wrestlemania 33. After Bill Goldberg leaves, the big question would be, who will they match up to Brock Lesnar after that? The best answer would be Kevin Owens, who is one of the best characters in the WWE today. Unfortunately, the WWE went in the direction of him getting absolutely smashed by Brock Lesnar so that might be a hard sell to fans.

The return of Finn Balor might mean that it could be him going after Brock Lesnar. However, Balor would probably need to get his name hotter before he goes back to main event status. Getting him tangled with Lesnar coming off a win against Bill Goldberg might not be the best idea for his career right now.

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Unfortunately, this whole set up is probably just a way for the WWE to keep forcing Roman Reigns down fan’s throats. It is quite feasible that Roman Reigns will beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 or at least make a strong showing against the Deadman. This will culminate in a feud between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar with the former conquering the unstoppable Lesnar. It remains to be seen whether fans will finally get behind Roman Reigns beating someone like Brock, obviously, the WWE hopes this will be the case as they seem to be hell bent in pushing Roman Reigns to the very top.

According to WWE, Wrestlemania 33 will be on April 2 at the Orlando Citrus Bowl in Florida.

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