WWE News: The Undertaker To Make Return At ‘WWE Fastlane’ PPV

Undertaker WrestleMania

The Undertaker has been away from the WWE since his elimination at the hands of Roman Reigns inside the Royal Rumble match, but now could he be returning this Sunday to take his revenge on Reigns? The plan for WrestleMania 33 is to have Roman Reigns take on the Undertaker, which is a match that WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has been wanting for years now.

It makes sense to go with this match, as other major names that could face the Undertaker are busy for this year’s WrestleMania. Obviously, Vince wanting the match has added to the ease of making this happen, but with other top guys taking on other people, the Deadman didn’t get a bad opponent. There are some who believe this match will be fantastic, but the question truly is, will people be okay with seeing Roman Reigns go against Undertaker?

On top of all of this, many wonder if WWE will actually go with Roman Reigns defeating the Undertaker, despite the fact that most fans would never want to see this. Regardless, the match will go down, but who wins may be undecided as of now for McMahon. It was reported recently that the Undertaker would be returning to television as soon as this week, but it does appear that it could be sooner, and we may have to thank Amazon for the spoiler.

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They are offering a bundle deal for WWE Fastlane and WWE Elimination Chamber, two shows from the WWE RAW and SmackDown Live brands respectively. On the Fastlane cover, you see Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, like we’ve seen all along. However, they are then joined by the Undertaker. The question is, why would Undertaker appear on the cover for a show he isn’t on?

This led to major speculation, and rightfully so, that the Undertaker would be returning on Sunday at the WWE Fastlane event. It made sense for him to return even before the Amazon cover came out. It was rumored that Braun Strowman was a favorite to win in his match with Roman Reigns in new betting odds this week, this was due to the belief that something may happen resulting in his win over Roman Reigns.

Many would clearly wonder if Roman Reigns is getting prepped to face the Undertaker, yet Braun Strowman is not even scheduled for a match of any kind at this point. Why would Strowman go over Reigns? The only solution was interference, and many felt at the time that Undertaker would be the one to interfere. This then got around to betting specialists, who then pushed up the win rate for Strowman over Reigns.

The Undertaker

That said, people felt that the Undertaker interfering was already possible. Adding in the Amazon spoiler only intensifies the rumor that Undertaker will make his return at WWE Fastlane. The idea of his return would be, in theory, to cost Roman Reigns a match since he cost him the Royal Rumble win. Of course, Undertaker’s little interference would not cost Reigns much more than the match itself with Strowman.

However, Roman Reigns cost the Undertaker the main event of WrestleMania, and a match with a World Champion of his choosing there. Two major things were taken from the Deadman here, yet Reigns will only get a simple loss to a giant. If there is a comparison, Reigns won way more than he lost. However, many do not see this as a terrific set-up for a match. Both men are faces, yet Reigns is constantly booed with many fans calling for a much needed heel turn.

Some wrestling analysts have claimed the best way to turn Roman Reigns into a heel would be to have him face the Undertaker at WrestleMania, beat him there, then cut a scathing promo the next night on WWE RAW. It would be a great way to turn a guy who severely needs it, but it would put the Undertaker at two loses at WrestleMania after he had the longest win streak in WrestleMania history. Regardless of who wins and loses, the match is happening and it appears the program officially starts at WWE Fastlane if the rumors hold up.

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