Naked Genevieve Morton eating noodles

Genevieve Morton Chows Down On Noodles While Naked

Genevieve Morton put up quite a sexy display in a new video in which she appears to be eating ramen noodles while naked.

Morton posted quite possibly the sexiest noodle eating video ever, and she also flaunted her enviable curves. The South African beauty was featured while topless in the video, making it even saucier. She easily made noodles appear 10 times more appealing, but they were not the only thing in the video that was extremely appealing.

Morton doing what she does best

Naked Genevieve Morton eating noodles
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Genevieve was obviously the highlight of the video, especially since she was naked. She, however, did a great job at multitasking because she covered her breasts with one hand while holding on to the cup full of noodles. The 30-year-old also managed to pull off quite a steamy and sexy look as she ate the noodles, proving that she can definitely multitask. Her arm might have protected her modesty, but she did show off a serious amount of underboob. Light radiated on her perfect skin making it glow.

Genevieve has been a busy girl this year

Morton’s video of herself eating noodles while naked might be hard to forget, but it is not the only project that she has been working on. This year has particularly kicked off quite nicely for Morton, and it has been a very busy season. The South African model was also featured in another video during a shoot for Sports Illustrated magazine. The video was part of the “behind the scenes” action and it also included other models such as Emily DiDonato, Ariel Meredith, and Kate Bock.

Genevieve also showed off her appealing curves in the SI magazine shoot, when she was clad in skimpy swimsuits. The shoot was done in Switzerland and they had to make it extra special because it was the magazine’s 50th anniversary off the famous swimsuit edition. The models got to experience the beauty of the town and even added more beauty to it as they flaunted their assets for the cameras.

Naked Genevieve Morton eating noodles
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The Switzerland shoot mainly focused on Lake Geneva and the mountains as the prime locations. This made it more fun and the natural beauty added more value to the photography. It was not all that easy for the models, because the weather was very volatile, especially in the mountains.

Morton also made sure that her fans were not left in the dark. She usually does her best to make sure that that they are entertained by constantly adding more content to her social media accounts. She posted numerous photos from the Switzerland shoot on her Instagram account, giving her fans quite a treat.

Some of the photos from the shoot were taken while Genevieve posed in different sets of bikinis while on a beach. She even went topless in one particular snap; she only wore a pair of white pants. She posed as if she was about to do some pushups so that her arms squeezed her breasts together while also keeping them hidden. Another snap from the shoot featured her frolicking on the sandy beach and playing around by the water while still in a swimsuit.

Snuggling up in this crazy LA rain ???? @rikerbrothers

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The South African model also made sure that she treated her Instagram fans to a nice Valentine’s Day gift, which was a racy snap where she barely had anything on. The 30-year-old also released a calendar with racy images of herself in January. She anticipates more modeling projects for the rest of the year to add to the already existing gigs. Morton added the video of her eating noodles to the list of revealing shoots that she has already done this year.

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