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Mike Trout Robbed: Angels Fans Upset That Sensational Rookie Isn’t MVP

Mike Trout Robbed: Angels Fans Upset That Sensational Rookie Lost Out On AL MVP

Mike Trout was robbed of winning the American League’s Most Valuable Player award, Los Angeles Angels fans and some sportswriters contended after the sensational rookie lost out to Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers.

Cabrera beat out Trout in voting for the MVP award in voting by the 28 members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, MLB announced Thursday night. Using a weighted voting system, Cabrera took 22 of 28 first-place votes to beat out Mike Trout 362-281 in weighted scoring.

As George Sippie of the Detroit Free Press points out, despite Cabrera’s incredible season, there is still a sentiment that Mike Trout was robbed. Sippie acknowledges the debate but says that Cabrera was more than deserving:

“Even though Cabrera won, the Cabrera-Trout debate likely will rage on for years.

“After all, many in Detroit still believe Alan Trammell was robbed of the 1987 award by George Bell of the Blue Jays.

“The debate between Cabrera and Trout took on a life of its own.

“Cabrera became the first player to win the Triple Crown in 45 years, leading the league in home runs (44), RBIs (139) and batting average (.330), among other categories. He also performed better than Trout over the final months of the season and late in games.

“Unlike Trout, Cabrera helped his team reach the playoffs (and ultimately the World Series, although votes were cast before the postseason).”

Riley Schmitt, a blogger for Rant Sports, made the argument that Mike Trout was robbed based on his stellar sabermetrics. Trout’s wins above replacement, a statistic used to show how many more wins a player would give a team as opposed to a “replacement level,” was 10, one of the best seasons ever.

Though many believe Mike Trout was robbed of the MVP, he was already the runaway winner for American League Rookie of the Year.

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44 Responses to “Mike Trout Robbed: Angels Fans Upset That Sensational Rookie Isn’t MVP”

  1. Bruce Fultz

    we can't hear those angel's fan's because of the triple crown still ringing in our ear's! bwwwwwwahhhhh! listen, we took that has been off your hands torrie hunter, be thankful for that!

  2. Nik Falko

    Trout had a great year, Miguel is the best player in baseball. There is no argument here!

  3. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me Triple Crown is not good enough to earn the MVP award…What world are these people from….

  4. Tim Janson

    Sabermetrics…stats thought up by geeks who got picked last for kickball at recess. When someone goes out and hits knocks in three WARs in a game then I will be convinced. till then I will stick with what I can see on the field. HRs, RBI and AVG.

  5. Jeff Taft

    Cabrera is by far the best player in basebal. Angels fans need to suck it up. Trout will get his time as he is a good player.

  6. Ron Bennett

    Maybe it should be the Quadruple Crown , HR's , AVG , RBI's and WAR's, WTF, how can it even be contested , the Triple Crown ( team's better standing ) should have been unanimous for Miguel, Let's just hope Trout is not another Fred Lynn, we all know what happened to him after he won Rookie of the Year and MVP ..

  7. Tim Janson

    Fred was still a pretty solid player throughout his career. The guy who really flamed out after winning rookie of the year was Joe Charboneau of the Indians. Rookie of the year in 1980 and out of baseball by 1984.

  8. Glenna Randall

    He is not the best player in baseball. The best player in baseball does not watch strike three right down the middle to end the world series!!!!!

  9. Gene Medrea

    Its all bullshit. Triple Crown winner. End of story. Thats basically an automatic for MVP. The only other true stat that might be considered is game winning hits.

  10. Kray Spavilitch

    So you can't see stellar defense, stolen bases, and scoring runs on the field? Obviously you DON'T watch the games and rely on casual fan stats. And it's RBI (Runs Batted In) not RBI's. Triple Crowns and a team's standing have zero correlation, not sure what you did there. But since the team's standing is being brought up, had the Tigers been in the AL West, they would've been in 4th place.

  11. Tim Janson

    Yeah I can see that. I can also see a guy who faded the last two months of the season when his team was in the middle of a playoff race while Cabrera played his best ball in August and September. So stick that in your sabermetric jock, cupcake.

  12. Kenny Carmichael

    Cabrera beat the DUI charge against him in Port St. Lucie Florida, and didn't get punished for it from the commish, he was well on his way to getting anything he wanted during spring training how soon we put these overpaid game players who couldn't last 2 minutes in the real world back up on a pedestal–How about the real MVPs the ones who gave their lives for our freedom!

  13. Tim Janson

    Well the Angels better get used to 4th place because without Hunter, Greinke…a broken down Haren, and a fading Pujols the Angels will be lucky to beat out the Mariners.

  14. Chris Hafner

    Trout robbed? What a joke! Cabrera was definitely the MVP without question. The only person robbed was Cabrera of the 6 votes that would have given him all 28 first place votes.

  15. Tim Janson

    Yeah and the Tigers beat the team that won the West in the playoffs…while the Angels were on the outside looking in.

  16. Jim Hoffman

    Guess I missed all of the Angels' post-season games that the VALUABLE Trout carried them into on his back, was it because they were on too late for me to stay up and watch?

  17. Mike Tankersley

    No dog in this fight and believed Trout was indeed the MVP until the final month. However, the team's standing IS a factor in Most VALUABLE Player voting and should be (part of Trout's VALUE was his own impact on Angels' fortunes when he joined the team). This is the Most Valuable Player award, not the most outstanding player award. Both certainly were deserving and in most years, either player's 2012 seasons would have been clearly MVP-worthy.

  18. Ed Sanada

    Two things: (1) The triple crown doesn't mean you win the MVP – see Ted Williams and Lou Gehrig. (2) Didn't the Angels win more games than the Tigers? But…the MVP is all subjective.

  19. Higgins Smith

    I'm a Detroiter and (obviously) a fan of Cabrera. I agree that he deserved the MVP, it's really a ridiculous argument – Can you imagine the first winner of the Triple Crown since 1967 LOSING the MVP to a rookie with worse stats in most categories… RIDICULOUS. And here's one I'll give you – your Giants made us look mediocre, it's true. Your boys played masterfully and got the world series win that they earned and deserved. Congratulations.

  20. Kray Spavilitch

    Not one stat I mentioned had to do with SABRmetrics, but you keep believing what you want twinkie. You obviously don't pay attention to baseball and just ride Miggy's jock, because Haren is a free agent. Miggy should have had a better end of the season…who wouldn't raking on Indians, Twins, and Royals pitching. And although Trout tailed off a bit, I wouldn't say a .280/.400/.500 line is anything to balk at facing AL West pitching the last month of the season. I'm not saying Miggy shouldn't have been MVP, never did. But I do think people took the Triple Crown WAY too much into consideration and should have been closer. Pitching is the reason the Angels didn't make the playoffs, not offense. If Miggy doesn't play on the Tigers, I'm willing to bet they still make the playoffs in the weak AL Central this year. Halos relied on Trout to even be competitive in the West. MVP is an individual award, making the postseason is a team accomplishment.

  21. Kray Spavilitch

    Based on that rationale, the MVP should be every member of the Chicago White Sox.

  22. Kyle Porter

    "Lead his team to the playoffs" holds no water. As the 3rd place team in their division, the Angels had a better record than the Tigers! A weak division and a gift from the ChiSox are what lead the Tigers into the post-season!

  23. Higgins Smith

    All of you Angel fans make a good point, Mike trout was great and he'll be great for a long time to come. But, saying that Triple Crowns don't matter or have "zero correlation" is just silly – those three categories are, were and always will be the most important stats in the argument. Really, can you imagine the first winner of the Triple Crown since 1967 losing the MVP vote to a rookie because of defense and stolen bases? Sorry, but that's just ridiculous. Trout was great this year, Cabrera was a little bit better and that's just how it is.

  24. Daniel Waddell

    That's funny because they kicked the west and east division leaders ass in the playoffs. I guess the white sux got us to the world series too, huh?? LMAO!!!

  25. Mike Moore

    lol the WAR stat.. give me a break. Just because the Tigers had a better team than the Angel's, of course without Trout that horrible team wouldn't have won many games. Plus Trout missed the first month and slumped over the last month. Miguel played almost every game and was consistently amazing. Not to mention he switched positions from first to third in the major leagues! He only had 8 errors I believe. Not arguing he is a better defensive player than Trout, because that is ridiculous, but to say Trout is MVP over Cabby.. C"MON MAN!

  26. Cynthia Marie Weiss Crittenton

    Trout was robbed. Yes Caberra won the Triple Crown, but Trout was the better over all player on both sides of the ball batting and fielding and that to me is what Most Valuable Player means.

  27. Denny Liebold

    Oh boo hoo people. Yes I am a Tigers fan..and I understand Angel's fan's sentiment. I did not follow Trouts year closely nor did most Angel's fans follow Cabrera every day, like I did. If you did, you saw a champion play every night trying to win for his team. He was often great even in Tiger defeats. Cabrera is an amazing baseball player. Triple Crown say anything? The thing is Cabrera does it every year. I have no doubt Trout, if he stays healthy, will be a dominant player in the future. Another bottom line, the Tigers at least fought their way to the World Series, the Angels didn't make it. The right guy got the right award this year. Nobody was robbed.

  28. Denny Liebold

    That made me frustrated too…but it had nothing to do with him earning the Triple Crown, the MVP and to make it to the World Series. The Tigers went totally flat in the World Series, but it took Cabrera to get there. They would not have made it w/o him.

  29. Tim Secontine

    Triple crown mean anything?? When's the ladt time that happened?

  30. Kyle Porter

    It's fine that Cabrera got the MVP- no problem there. Just don't think it should have anything to do with "leading" his team to the playoffs when multiple teams in better divisions had better records (all I'm disputing).

  31. Mark Hofstad

    This was like Luck vs RG III for the Heisman. Close and either was deserving. Trout has speed and defense to his all around game. I still would have voted for Miggy.

  32. Justin Barrington

    It belongs to Trout and if you say other wise your a LIAR….plain and simple! Sick of the league walking over Trout. Sons of b**ches are pissing me off. WAKE UP MLB Trout is to baseball what Jordan was baketball….THE MAN!

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