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UFO Sighting Confirmed By Denver News Station [Video]

denver ufo

It may or may not be an alien spacecraft but one thing is for sure: There are UFOs flying over Denver. A Colorado news station confirmed today that several UFOs have been flying over the Mile High City.

The NY Daily News reports that a man in Denver captured footage of the UFOs flying over Denver earlier this week. He brought his footage to KDVR-TV, a Denver news station, who decided to put the footage to the test. Reporters from the station set up a camera to see if they could film the UFOs flying over Denver again. Well, they could.

Photojournalist Noah Skinner captured the unidentified object on film several times. According to KDVR reporter Heidi Hemmat the UFOs have never been reported before because they are flying too fast to be spotted by the naked eye.

Hemmat said:

“The strangest part is that they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye.”

The news station confirmed that something was flying over Denver but they have not been able to identify the object.

Steve Cowell, a former commercial pilot and Federal Aviation Administration prevention counselor, helped the station cross off several possibilities but could not give any hints at the true identify of the UFO.

Cowell said:

“That is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are not birds … I can’t identify it.”

Cowell’s best guess is that the UFOs are just debris being blown around by atmospheric winds. The FAA and NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, both said that they have not been testing any new vehicles in the area.

Here’s a video about Denver’s UFO.

What do you think? Are these alien ships? Bugs? Debris?

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10 Responses to “UFO Sighting Confirmed By Denver News Station [Video]”

  1. Robin Nichols

    Well they did say tourism would increase with making social use of marijuana legal.

  2. Sue Kemp

    Oh, come on, everyone who is honest has seen 'something' at least once. Why be surprised now? People are just afraid because they don't know if we are safe. Just think MIB.

  3. Tanya Evans

    My brother lives in Denver and called me months ago, saying he had seen the same thing along with other people and has tapes as well. Kinda crazy

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