Interesting places to visit when travelling to South Africa [Feature Image by iStock/swissmediavision]

Wanderlust Travel Guide: Cities In South Africa You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you are planning for your next trip, you may want to consider the unconvential, yet exciting choice of South Africa. The African continent is known for its lush paradise and exotic feel, but there is so much more to South Africa than the majestic animals they have. See the other “wonders” of South Africa below.

1. Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Durban South Africa [Image by iStock/wildacad]
Durban South Africa [Image by iStock/wildacad]

If you are not ready for the African wildlife adventure, you can get started with the Durban City in KwaZulu-Natal. The city is a mixture of varied cultural influences spanning from Indian to French colonies.

The city is literally by the sea so the look and feel is quite similar to New York and Australia. Enjoy the urban perks of shopping, luxury hotels, local and international cuisines, and the beach, according to South Africa Tour Site.

Durban City is a mix of the tropical heat of the South African culture and the modernization from different cultures all over the world.

2. Pretoria, Gauteng

Union Building Pretoria[Image by iStock/namibelephant]
Union Building Pretoria[Image by iStock/namibelephant]

If the previous city has a look and feel of the modern cities in the world, Pretoria has an architectural influence similar to Europe. Their architectural highlights include the Mahlamba Ndopfu, house of the President in Pretoria, the South African State Theatre, Union Buildings, and more.

Though it also has an urban feel, Pretoria has a healthy ratio of land and lush places. It is also known as Jacaranda City because its streets and parks are usually lined up with lilac-bloomed jacaranda trees.

3. Cape Town, World’s Best City

Cape Town [Image by iStock/4FR]
Cape Town [Image by iStock/4FR]

It is still debatable, but many tourists who have come to visit Cape Town praise the city like it’s a magical place. Pippa de Bruyn, resident in the city and Telegraph’s expert guide, says one cannot “overstate the case” for Cape Town’s beauty.

“First, there’s the in-your-face beauty of a craggy mountain range that drops precipitously into a glittering sea, its flanks carpeted in green. Then there’s the pristine white beaches lapped by – it must be said – a chilly Atlantic, their curves defined by giant granite boulders to bake on, and burbling mountain streams in dappled forests.”

If an expert is describing the city as de Bruyn, there’s no doubt that this will be an amazing experience for any backpacker who’s planning their adventure for 2017.

4. Limpopo

Limpopo's Culture South Africa [Image by iStock/ManoAfrica]
Limpopo’s Culture South Africa [Image by iStock/ManoAfrica]

We know South Africa is rich when it comes to wildlife and nature, but Limpopo is a definite go-to place. It also houses the northern Kruger National Park.

Limpopo is not just a tourist spot for wildlife discovery. It also has a pre-historic past which tells you stories of ancient tribes and kingdoms. With numerous cultural museums like Bakone Malapa and Polokwane, Limpopo can be a learning journey while you are in South Africa.

5. Eastern Cape, Home to Iconic Nelson Mandela

Wildlife Experience in Eastern Cape [Image by iStock/PeakMystique]
Wildlife Experience in Eastern Cape [Image by iStock/PeakMystique]

The last, but not the least, is Eastern Cape where Nelson Mandela was born. From its pristine coastline, to its sub-tropical forests, Eastern Cape is South Africa’s pride.

Eastern Cape is also called as a “wild province” for its virgin beaches, forests, and must-see attractions. A visit to Eastern Cape can be full of physical activities and this is best for the outdoorsy type of travelers.

From hiking and trekking, to bungee jumping, Eastern Cape is filled with inspiring destinations.

According to Telegraph Travel, Eastern Cape also hosts one of the greatest migrations on Earth, the sardine run.

South African Travel

Chapmans Peak, Cape Town [Image by iStock/RapidEye]
Chapmans Peak, Cape Town [Image by iStock/RapidEye]

South Africa is rich in history, nature, wildlife, and vibrant culture. This is a good, family-friendly destination which can accommodate travelers of all ages. So, for those who are planning to travel this year, South African cities could be your next destination.

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