Harry Styles, Mick Jagger biopic no one will ever see.

A Mick Jagger, Harry Styles Movie Fans Will Never See

The big news with Harry Styles for 2017 is that there are rumors he will play Mick Jagger in a biopic about his life in 1973. However, there is an autobiography, manuscript, or book written by Mick Jagger that Harry Styles will likely never get a role in until long after the Rolling Stones hang up their hats.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Harry Styles has been working on his solo music career, according to rumors, and his big project in 2017 will be the movie premiere of Dunkirk.

Although he filmed Dunkirk for most of 2016, Harry Styles was also rumored to be interested in playing Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones in a biopic.

This particular movie about the Rolling Stones took place in 1973 in Keith Richards’ ocean-side mansion in France where they were recording their album Exile On Main Street, according to Deadline.

The movie itself is based upon a book written by Robert Greenfield titled Exile On Main Street: A Season in Hell with the Rolling Stones.

These rumors about Harry Styles playing Mick Jagger surfaced around June 16, 2016, according to Harper’s Bazaar. At that time, the news was that Mick Jagger was on board with this biopic, and Harry Styles was also getting excited about the role.

 Harry Styles, Mick Jagger biopic still a rumor.
Harry Styles could end up playing Mick Jagger in movies throughout his life. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

The rumors also seemed fairly concrete because they started with famed director Andy Goddard talking about the possibility of making the Rolling Stones biopic.

Nevertheless, there were no updates after that initial hint in mid-2016 concerning the Rolling Stones movie going into production or Harry Styles being cast as Mick Jagger.

Regardless, around the end of 2016, there seemed to be some direct clues that Andy Goddard’s Rolling Stones biopic might be taking off — and Harry Styles might be a part of it.

The evidence that seems to suggest these rumors might be true came about when Harry Styles did a photo shoot where he dressed up in vintage clothing that looked very similar to styles that Mick Jagger wore in the 1960s and 1970s.

Harry Styles proudly posted these photos on his Instagram account, and although they were part of a photoshoot for Another Man, One Direction fans felt safe in assuming that the photos were a hint that a Mick Jagger biopic was on the way with Harry Styles as the main star.

Despite the fact that Harry Styles’ clear resemblance to Mick Jagger during the early part of his career with the Rolling Stones is striking, there have been no official announcements that Harry will be joining Andy Goddard’s biopic project.

Harry Styles fans will likely welcome any movie he wants to act in, and if Harry does get to play Mick Jagger in a movie, Harry’s One Direction fans will likely see it.

Nonetheless, if Harry Styles starts a slew of Mick Jagger biopics throughout his life, there is likely one memoir from Mick’s early days that may be permanently banned from public viewing.

This mysterious Mick Jagger book was talked about in Rolling Stone magazine in early February. So far, the autobiography is assumed to be a book written by Mick Jagger with a ghostwriter, but it was disapproved by the management team associated with the Rolling Stones’ early career.

Although the memoirs are difficult to authenticate, London publisher John Blake claims the 1980s manuscript by Mick Jagger “unveiled fascinating rock tales.” There were also hints that this was like a diary of Mick Jagger’s because John Blake said he was “baring his soul” within the writing.

Harry Styles will play 1973 Mick Jagger.
If Harry Styles is part of the Andy Goddard biopic about Mick Jagger, it will take place in 1973 in France. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

As far as more concrete rumors, Idolator gives updates about Harry Styles upcoming solo album from an interview with new Sony Music CEO, Rob Stringer. Allegedly, Harry Styles’ solo debut is “close” and Rob Stringer said around February 11 that his album is “not far away from being ready.”

Since there have been no official updates since June 2016 from credible sources, it is safe to assume Harry Styles’ upcoming Mick Jagger biopic is still in the rumors stage.

Harry Styles’ new movie Dunkirk will debut on July 21.

[Feature Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]