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WWE News: Former Champion Discusses Being A Bully And CM Punk Really Hating Him

Many people don’t realize it, but the backstage area of WWE is not where everyone goes to be friendly after facing off in the ring. Sure, many of them end up being longtime friends and getting as close as family, but there is some real-time hatred brewing behind those curtains at times. One former champion has recently said that he and CM Punk used to be really good friends, but they can’t stand each other now, and don’t speak anymore at all.

Oh, and the former champ also said that he is a bully and he totally admits it.

Dylan Mark Postl is better known to fans by his ring name of Hornswoggle. From 2006 until part of 2011, he worked for WWE and actually even won the Cruiserweight Championship at one point. From there, he went on to be a part of D-Generation X, Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son, and even the anonymous Monday Night Raw general manager.

wwe news hornswoggle cm punk hate bully
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For the past couple of years, he has been working on the independent circuit and also as a member of TNA Impact Wrestling. He recently took some time to speak with the YouShoot podcast regarding a number of topics, and one of the biggest was CM Punk. The host asked him a listener question if the two were still in touch, and Hornswoggle told an interesting story.

“No, I am not. I am not in touch with him today because I offended him. I asked for a phone number of a mutual friend that we have, from him…which is odd because it wasn’t like he didn’t like the person. He’s still best friends with that person today. He saw it as me using him. We were best friends on the road together for years, but not anymore.”

That question led into who Hornswoggle had the most heat with during his time in WWE. Obviously, his answer wasn’t very surprising.

“Just CM Punk being a d***head. I never called him out on it, it wasn’t worth it, I just didn’t care anymore to call him out on it. For a while, we were very close, though.”

Now, for those that don’t know it, WWE does run an anti-bullying campaign which is called “Be A Star.” They teach ways of showing tolerance and respect to everyone else, and they work with numerous charities, companies, and other networks to spread their word as far as possible.

There have always been rumors swirling that Hornswoggle was a bit of a bully, and that goes back to his days in WWE.

wwe news hornswoggle cm punk hate bully
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During his time with the company, Hornswoggle was a part of many different angles and storylines with numerous superstars. One of them was The Great Khali, and Hornswoggle admitted to not only bullying him but bullying a lot of others as well.

“I am a bully. Someone would walk in the room and I would say, ‘Oh, you f***ing suck’…like Great Khali. I would tell him that he sucked every day, that he sucked in the ring, he is not getting better and that he should quit. Khali would just laugh and say, ‘I don’t suck. You suck.’ I had people come up from NXT and say to me, ‘One thing we know is that we hear you’re a bully.’ I say that I am because I know that I am going to be bullied back at some point so I might as well start it.”

Hornswoggle had a career in WWE that lasted longer than a lot of other superstars who have come and gone. Still, it’s kind of weird to hear that he acted like a bully while with the company and admits to being one now despite how much WWE speaks out against bullying. Still, it may have been the only defense he had. On the other hand, it’s interesting to see that he and CM Punk used to be so close, but something very small came between their friendship, but that’s wrestling for you.

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